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Is Buying a House With a Pool a Good Idea? Dip Your Toes Into the Argument Here

Did you know that there are nearly 10 million swimming pools in the United States and more than 3 million are situated in California? If you like to swim and want to do it in the comfort of your own property, buying a house with a pool is probably the right thing to do.

image - Is Buying a House With a Pool a Good Idea? Dip Your Toes Into the Argument Here
House With a Pool

However, you need to consider the pros and cons of pool ownership before deciding to buy a property with a pool.

This article reveals some of these advantages and disadvantages, so keep reading to become a more informed buyer.

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Advantage #1 – Your Kids and Guests Will Love It

One of the main advantages of having a pool is that you can spend so much time with your family members and friends in the water.

Your kids will definitely love the pool and your dog wouldn’t mind using it from time to time either. If you’re a very socially active person, having a pool can take your entertainment to the next level.

Advantage #2 – You Get to Stay in Shape

Even if you have a relatively small pool, you can still put on your bathing suit and do a few pool laps before going to work.

Having a pool in the yard is usually more enticing for homeowners to do physical exercise. Swimming tones your muscles and alleviates the pressure on your joints, so it’s good for those living with arthritis.

Advantage #3 – It Makes Your Property Look Better

A property with a lush lawn and an inviting pool is like a dream come true for most Americans. Having a pool in your yard will definitely increase the aesthetics of your property.

If you plan to sell in the future, the pool might also help attract more buyers, so you can sell the house quicker.

Disadvantage #1 – It Requires Regular Maintenance

Having a pool is not always milk and honey. You need to spend money to keep the water in the pool clean and free of bacteria as well as paying for occasional pool deck maintenance, or pool deck resurfacing services.

You also need to run a water pump that can increase your energy bill. Homeowners also pay for closing and opening the pool each year, a task that might cost several hundred dollars on average.

The running costs of having a pool should be considered before installing one or buying a house that already has a pool.

Disadvantage #2 – You Need to Enclose the Pool

Some laws need to be respected by homeowners who have a pool. For example, you need to add a fence around it to prevent small kids or pets from falling into the water.

The cost of adding a fence should be added to the total price of having a pool, so make sure that you consider this as well.

Is It Worth Buying a House With a Pool?

At the end of the day, only you might know if buying a house with a pool is a good idea or not. If your comfort and entertainment levels are very important to you, it’s probably a good idea to go to a house with a pool.

If you don’t have time to enjoy one as often as possible, maybe you should go for a property without a pool. It’s up to you.

To make sure that you come up with the right answer, check out the other articles on our website. You’ll learn more about pool ownership, maintenance, and which pools are the most popular.

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