Whether to hire a commercial roofing specialist or not depends on your roof condition and roofing requirements. Commercial roofing isn’t a DIY project. You may get tempted to save some bucks by attempting it yourself and end up doing a low-quality job. It isn’t easy to match the skills and experiences of a commercial roofing expert.

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Is Getting a Commercial Roofing Specialist Necessary

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Having said that, you don’t need to call a roofing specialist to do the basic cleaning and inspection of your roof. You can do that yourself by removing fallen leaves, debris, and other elements from time to time. And inspect the roof regularly for any visible damage and leaks.

However, once you have spotted the sign of some damage, don’t wait until your roof starts to leak and fall off. Or, don’t try to repair it yourself if you don’t have the required roofing skills. Get a commercial roofing specialist to do the job.

When Should You Call a Commercial Roofing Specialist?

Roof Installation

A commercial roofing installation process involves many aspects that need individual attention to avoid roofing problems later. You may be skilled in one or two of these aspects, but not all.

For example, while installing flashing, you may miss out on the area around the chimney and other valleys that are more prone to leaks.

Therefore, get a commercial roofing expert who will pay attention to every detail and take extra care to install the roof correctly.

Roof Replacement

Your roof needs more maintenance towards the end of its life. Minor issues can turn into irreversible problems as your roof ages. Hence, it is important to hire a roofing specialist to conduct regular inspection and maintenance of your roof during that period.

The specialist can also give you expert advice on roof replacement. It might be difficult for you to analyze whether your roof needs a replacement or not. A professional roofing specialist can suggest to you when and how to get it replaced.

Flashing Concerns

Poor flashing can cause your roof to leak near the chimney and other valleys. Extreme weather can damage your flashing. Thus, it is critical to inspect your flashing from time to time to determine signs of damage. If you spot any issues, call a commercial roofing expert to fix them.

Faulty Drainage

With poor drainage, water and snow can get locked on your roof. Standing water and moisture eventually start to leak inside the building and make it a mess.

To avoid this situation, you need to make sure that your drainage system is functioning right. If it isn’t, call a roofing specialist to fix it.


A poorly installed roofing system can blow off due to high-speed wind. The roof corners are more prone to damage in extreme weather. These damages may seem minor, but gradually, the wind can lift the roof.

Therefore, it is critical to examine your roof after bad weather conditions and call a roofing specialist if you notice any damage.

Puncture Holes

Extreme weather and footfalls can make puncture holes in your roof. Flat roofs are more susceptible to puncture holes. If you notice any puncture holes, get a commercial roofing specialist immediately to fix them. If left unattended, they can cause leaks.

You may not be able to fix all these commercial roof issues, but you can prevent them by inspecting the roof from time to time and calling a commercial roof specialist to repair the damages.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Roof Specialist?

Roofing specialists can spot what you or inexperienced roofers can overlook. They have enough knowledge in roof inspection, installation, and repair to identify technical issues and resolve them quickly. There are many advantages of hiring commercial roofing specialists:

Work Quality

Specialists are called specialists for a reason. It is their work quality that makes them exceptional. Quality comes with experience. Therefore, a novice roofer may not be able to fix the issues the way a specialist could.

Building Codes

The local municipalities have released a set of building codes that prescribes the procedures and construction details for different structures. You may fall into legal trouble for installing the roof without adhering to the building codes of your area.

Roofing specialists are well aware of these codes. Hence, they can save you from running into any non-compliance issues.

Advise on the Roofing Type

You might not be able to choose from the various roofing types. Different roofing materials perform better in different geography and environment. A roofing specialist will study your building and surrounding and suggest you the best roofing type.

Stick to Your Budget and Timelines

If you hire storm chasers, you may end up paying them much more than your budget, and for low-quality work. Such roofers are notorious for manipulating their customers and charging them for a job that they don’t complete within the agreed time and budget.

Roofing experts, on the other hand, are careful about their goodwill and reputation. Hence, they don’t resort to unfair means to serve you and make sure to install the roofing system by sticking to your budget and timelines.


A roofing installation warranty states that after the contractor has completed the job, any damage or repairs within the stated period will be the contractor’s liability.

If you do it yourself or get it done by an unprofessional roofer, any damage or repair shortly will fall on you. A professional roofer’s warranty saves you from the stress and worry of repair costs that may arise due to faulty installation.

Final Thoughts

Getting a commercial roofing specialist may feel like a burden on your pockets, but DIY or hiring a cheap contractor can prove much expensive on and after the job.

Therefore, unless you are confident about your roofing skills, you should not attempt the installation and repair yourself and get a trusted commercial roofing specialist to do that.