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Is it Legal to have Katana in Australia?

A katana is a Japanese single-edged sword. It gets used for cutting. It is famous as the” Samurai sword,” although it has no fixed size.

image - Is it Legal to have Katana in Australia?
Is it Legal to have Katana in Australia?

The length of the Katana is between 60cm to 80cm. So, the question is, is it illegal to have Katana in Australia? Some swords like Cutlass, Sabre, Katana, and Samurai got permitted without a license. It is the best self-defense weapon for its lovers.

So! What are you waiting for? Let’s check out whether Katana is legal or illegal in Australia!

Katana in Australia

A single-edged sword isn’t illegal to have in Australia. These swords are not allowed to show in a public area; these swords have to hide in bags.

In Victoria, Australia, this sword is strictly illegal, but it is legal and allowed by becoming a Victorian Historical and Collectors Guild member for highland dancers and artists. Extras Australia offers its viewers to buy these swords through an online process.

There was also an age limit on when you could buy your sword. These swords got banned in churches, schools, airports, etc.

The government allows buying these swords for those who are pretty mature to carry this weapon. So, before buying Katana, you need permission, so it will become legal to have a Katana sword in Australia for you.

North America (USA)

Katanas got openly permitted in some countries. When you want a personal sword in the USA, you must be over 18 years old. And your parents should fill out the forms to get legally permitted.

Some blades like Cane and Zatoichi are entirely illegal to carry in California and New York. Texas is the city of liberalism, and this state allows its citizens to buy their swords.


Yes, these sharp-edged swords are illegal in China. In 2008, the Katana got confined due to some street crimes. After some years, in 2017, it was illegal for everyone.

But now, the swords are legal. It was unlawful because of its non-serious use, and the government banned buying these swords to control the crimes and the country’s safety.


Katana is illegal in Japan, which is opposed to the Japanese laws to have your swords. You need special permission from the government to buy Katana.

An ordinary citizen can buy their blades recorded from the (Japanese Sword Association). In Japan, Katana is called Uchigatana and got also termed a single-edged global sword. Australia acknowledges Japanese swords online.

The Bottom line

The bottom line is that you can have Katana in Australia, but with permission from officials. In this modern era, Katana got designed as a piece of history and culture. It is also a self-defense product.

It is legal in some countries and strictly illegal in some other countries. It is a fact that the admirer is responsible for their swords. In Western culture, this “big sword” is also known as dai and daito.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand whether Katana is illegal or legal in Australia!