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Key Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Engineer

Are you preparing to hire an engineer for your company and are wondering what kind of skills and characteristics you should look out for to find the best professional for the job? To learn more about what to keep an eye out for when hiring an engineer, keep reading.

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Key Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Engineer

There are both engineering skills and soft skills that you should prioritize when reviewing resumes and interviewing potential engineers to join your team. To learn more about the traits and skills that this professional should have for the best results, check out this guide.

Leadership and Communication Skills

Some soft skills, such as the ability to lead and communicate clearly, are actually incredibly important when it comes to finding great engineering professionals.

To best do their job, an engineer will have to work and communicate with multiple different professionals throughout your company to make improvements and resolve errors.

Engineers need to have clear communication skills both verbal and written, and you can try to assess potential candidates during their interview in terms of their communication skills.

Your engineer needs to be someone who can clearly identify problems and relay them to you and your team members. They also need to be able to layout and convey solutions to the team via concise and clear instruction.

They need to be able to convey to different departments why they are making certain changes and how their roles or current business processes will be affected by these changes.

Also, an engineer will need to be a great listener that is open to feedback or answering and questions your team members may have.

They need to be able to hear from your employees certain issues that they are having and work with them to find solutions, making interpersonal relationships skills a must in this role.

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Engineering Traits

Engineering comes with the need for certain skills and traits that will come both from the personality of the professional as well as their background in terms of education and professional experience.

Firstly, math and computer skills are a must for professionals in engineering departments. This will allow them to accurately interpret and insert data needed to make changes and decisions.

They should also have software experience within whatever engineering discipline that they are focused on.

They also need to be organized and careful to pay attention to detail, as much of their job will include analyzing and modifying data to meet the needs of the organization they work within.

While many think of engineering as a STEM-based career, which it is in many ways, it is also a creative field, meaning that the professionals in this field should lead with curiosity and innovation.

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Hiring an Engineer: What to Know

If you are hiring an engineer for your team, make sure to look out for these key traits and skills for the best results.

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