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5 Kitchen Home Improvement Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

Are you thinking about creating a new kitchen space? Maybe you’re fed up with your current kitchen and are looking for some kitchen home improvement? During the pandemic, this is understandable as you have spent so much time indoors you will no doubt want to refresh your kitchen.

image - 5 Kitchen Home Improvement Tips for the Savvy Homeowner
5 Kitchen Home Improvement Tips for the Savvy Homeowner

As lockdowns around the world start to come to an end and hiring contractors once again becomes a possibility here’s everything you need to know.

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  1. Paint Your Kitchen in Bright Colors

Dark kitchens are a no go. You should want a kitchen that is painted in bright colors. We all have to spend a lot of time in our kitchens these days due to Coronavirus, and the last thing you want is a dark space. It’s often the first place we see after leaving our bedrooms.

It’s the place where we go to make our morning coffee, cook our dinner, and the room we come to in the middle of the night when we need a glass of water or a late-night snack.

If your kitchen has a lot of natural light then be sure to play to this by painting the room in yellows and pale greens. You might even want to go for a bare white color with some matching tiles.

  1. Old Style

Another style you can go for is an old-fashioned style. It’s amazing to fantasize about those older kitchens with a big stove and an open fire that you could warm yourself around. The pots and pans hang from the walls and the furnishing is spare, the floors wooden.

To make this a reality you may have to rip out your old kitchen and replace it with a new one. Make sure your modern appliances are hidden so they don’t look out of place. You could find a cupboard or build a pantry where you could store your kettle and microwave.

Think about the paintings on the wall as well. You will want something like pictures of rural scenes rather than modern impressionist paintings. You could even go for plates or other decorations rather than paintings.

  1. Modern Style

The opposite of the old style is the modern style. This is often minimalist and open plan. The kitchen countertops are often white and empty. The walls are cream and there is little equipment cluttering the surfaces.

All the pots and pans are in cupboards and there is often an island counter with metal stalls. Often the kitchen is just the kitchen, with a separate lounge.

The artwork on the walls could be modernist. You could even have smart photo albums with pictures of all of your family ready to create a sense of the perfect hub of your home for your visitors. This is kitchen improvement.

  1. Smart Kitchen

Another way of redesigning your kitchen is to consider focusing on smart devices. You could have a smart fridge that notifies you when you are out of stock of your favorite foods and automatically adds it to your shopping list.

You could have a smart voice assistant like the Amazon Echo Dot built into your kitchen to play music as you cook or to give you instructions about a certain recipe. You could even make calls with family and friends in other houses and in other rooms as you prepare your food, hands-free.

There are now smart devices that can boil your kettle for you and make you a cup of coffee. As technology expands there will soon be smart ovens that allow you to cook something without having to check up on your food at regular intervals. There are even smart vacuum cleaners that can clean up after you. This is one of the great kitchens remodel ideas.

Setting Up Your Smart Kitchen

If you want to have a smart kitchen then it’s worth deciding what appliances you want and why you want them to be smart.

Once you have this idea then you may want to go to a developer or a computer expert who can ensure your kitchen is properly synced up so that it all works seamlessly.

The biggest thing will be ensuring that all of your kitchen appliances have a chip and WiFi built-in. You want to ensure they can still work without WiFi if there’s an internet outage.

You also need to factor in the fact that technology quickly goes out of date so you may have to replace some of your devices over the next 10 years as technology grows.

If you need refrigeration repair or help with smart fridges then be sure to check out this site for a good quote.

  1. Living and Dining Combined

You might want to consider making your living room and kitchen area into one room. This will make the kitchen truly the center of your home, and the place where friends and family members congregate at the start and end of the day.

This means thinking about how the two spaces work together and how someone in the living area can spend time with a member of the household who is cooking dinner. This is one of the best kitchens remodel ideas.

Kitchen Home Improvement Is Easy If You Know How

Kitchen home improvement can be great if you have a great idea of what you want. Make sure you have a solid vision to start so that you end up with exactly what you want.

You could opt for a modern design and one that has smart kitchen appliances or you could go for something a bit more old fashioned that has a charm about it.

If you are interested in reading more about kitchen home improvement be sure to check out the rest of our site.