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5 Reasons to Look into a Tree Removal Service for Problematic Trees

Planting a shade tree beside your home can drop your air conditioning bill by 50% or more. When homeowners heard this good news, they ran out and bought all kinds of trees to plant.

The problem is, homeowners, planted the wrong trees beside their homes.

Trees with large root systems take over the entire yard. The roots lift sidewalks and create cracks in your home’s foundation. In a few years, that beautiful tree will ruin your property value.

image - 5 Reasons to Look into a Tree Removal Service for Problematic Trees
5 Reasons to Look into a Tree Removal Service for Problematic Trees

Save your property and bank account from bad planting choices. Here are 5 reasons why you need a tree removal service to remove the problematic tree.

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  1. Protect Your Home from Damage

The process to remove an established shade tree from beside a building is complicated. Tree removal professionals spend years learning how to create a safe removal plan.

One wrong move during the process and you’ll say goodbye to your roof. It can cost over $1000 to repair severe damage from a piece of falling tree trunk.

Tree removal services include cutting tree roots from under a house. If done incorrectly, removing roots can ruin a room’s drywall.

  1. Tree Removal Companies Have the Right Tools

Projects like tree removal or tree stump removal need specific tools. It takes more than a basic chainsaw to complete these projects.

Companies like Colourful Tree Lopping bring in state-of-the-art cherry pickers for the job. The sturdy basket makes cutting the tree into segments easier and safer.

Renting equipment like a cherry picker would cost more than hiring a removal company.

  1. Avoid Accidental Injuries

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US. Professionals risk head trauma from falling debris or injury from the equipment.

Even with all the training they receive, accidents still happen. These professionals also learn how to react during an accident to minimize harm. Most homeowners have nowhere near the same kind of safety knowledge.

  1. Prevent Future Property Damage

As trees age, limbs die and fall off to make room for new growth. A tree that’s too close to your home will drop that dead limb straight onto your roof.

During storms, strong wind and rain will knock these branches off the tree. The loose limbs blow across your property, destroying whatever is in their path.

Leaves from your shade tree are beautiful in the Fall. But once they fall, they can clog your HVAC vents. The added strain on the HVAC unit will burn out parts of the motor.

  1. Hassle-Free Clean-Up After Tree Removal

When you cut down an established shade tree, it leaves a mess behind. It’d take years to use your green trash can to dispose of it all.

If you wait that long, the woodpile will turn into a hotel for pests like roaches.

Tree removal companies leave nothing behind when they finish the job. They use wood chippers and trucks to haul it all away.

Trust a Tree Removal Service to Do the Job Right

When you sit down to do the math, it’s cheaper to hire a tree removal service. They have all the right tools and know-how to safely do the job.

Don’t wait to remove that problematic tree. If ignored for too long it could lift your home’s foundation or burst a pipe.

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