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Landscape Design: How to Incorporate Front Yard Fences

If you went by the houses on show in the movies, you’d believe that the US consists of acres of unfenced suburban dwellings where everyone lives side-by-side in harmony.

However, statistics tell a different story. In recent times, fencing contractors have added a staggering $8.3 billion to the economy every year.

image - Landscape Design How to Incorporate Front Yard Fences
Landscape Design How to Incorporate Front Yard Fences

The truth is that front yard fences are a useful addition to any yard that’s home to children or pets. They can also add an appealing aesthetic to your home’s facade. When buying a new fence you should consider all of your options first.

Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate fencing into your landscaping.

Shiplap Ready-Made Fencing Boards

Shiplap boards are all the rage in home design lately, and they’re one of the most popular landscaping trends too.

These fences offer great value, and a wide range of sizes to suit any yard. Being opaque, they offer privacy and protection from the wind and look great when supported by timber or concrete pots.

You can also modify it to suit your garden’s landscaping with a coat of paint or themed plantings, to suit your latest whim.

Shiplap needs regular maintenance in the form of a coat of wood preserver every few months.

Metal Fences for Versatile Designs

With a metal front yard fence, you’ve got several options. A graceful European look suits a formal garden, and a sleek, angular look matches contemporary condos with minimalist landscaping.

Formal wrought iron designs with fancy finials also create a welcoming entrance with an opulent feel.

Steel is an expensive choice when it comes to metal fences, but it does last a long time. Aluminum fencing brings lightweight appeal and affordability to the party.

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Hedges as Front Yard Fences

Hedges offer optimum privacy and are an impenetrable barrier for pets and children. They’re also a completely green solution to your fencing needs that perfectly complements a beautifully manicured lawn.

Like lawn care though, the biggest drawback to using a hedge as a fence is the ongoing maintenance.

If you’d like to keep your greenery looking at its best, it’s worth employing the services of a professional landscaping company like Landscape America, Absolute Lawn Care Service, or Brightview to see to your hedges.

Picket Fences for Classic Front Yard Appeal

The picket fence has come a long way since its humble first appearance. Nowadays, you can get picket-style fences made from a range of materials in almost any color you desire.

Some feature simple designs with evenly-spaced planks, others boast concave, concave, or Gothic tops.

Picket fences suit a variety of homes and landscaping designs best. These include Victorian, cottage-style, and Craftsman-style dwellings.

Maximizing Your Home and Garden Design

When you’re considering front yard fences for your property, it’s important to take your overall front yard design into account. Even the best fence will look out of place if it doesn’t suit your existing landscaping or the style of your home.

With so many different designs, as well as custom options available it’s a lot easier nowadays to find front yard fence styles to suit your needs.

If you’d like some more interesting ideas for upgrading your home and garden, keep browsing our blog.

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