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The Latest in Green Building Trends

Over 77 percent of people and an increasing number of U.S. businesses are trying to be more environmentally conscious.

With the progress of research and new technology, being green has gone far beyond the traditional “reduce, reuse, recycle.”

image - The Latest in Green Building Trends
The Latest in Green Building Trends


Industries are constantly evaluating their environmental impact and finding ways to make positive contributions.

From large-scale buildings to individual homes, there are ways to make the spaces we occupy environmentally friendly.

Being green is no longer a lifestyle choice but rather necessary to take care of the planet that hosts our lives. Here are the latest green building trends to take note of.

Programmable Thermostats

Smart home technology is on the rise. One of the best devices you can put in your home is a programmable thermostat. They’ve become standard in many new homes and apartment buildings and an upgraded feature in older spaces.

As one of the most popular pieces of smart tech, these thermostats are a practical solution to reduce energy consumption.

They regulate the temperature, ensuring you remain comfortable without overusing the energy needed to heat or cool an entire house.

Improved Insulation

Going hand in hand with programmable thermostats should be improving the insulation. Heating and cooling make up a large percentage of a home’s energy usage. Poor insulation is one factor that can drive that percentage up.

When walls aren’t properly insulated, both hot and cold air escape easier, causing you to crank up the thermostat to compensate. Not only does this use more energy, but it wastes money.

The simple solution is to fill the walls with better insulation. Paired with a smart thermostat, you’ll save much more money and energy.

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More Efficient Windows

While your big windows that bring in tons of natural light are beautiful, they can cause your energy bill to go up. Your windows can let out both hot and cold air, affecting the temperature inside your home.

On hot days, sunlight can also come through the windows and heat your home. In response, you may crank the AC, which leads to a higher energy bill.

The solution is to make your windows more efficient. With window tinting, you can keep harmful UV rays out of your home and keep your home cooler. Visit this website to learn more about how window tinting can benefit your home.

Alternative Energy

A popular choice in many eco-friendly buildings is to use some form of alternative energy. Rather than relying on traditional energy, add the use of what nature has to offer.

Solar panels are easy to install in individual residential homes, apartment complexes, and high-rise buildings. They’re an eco-conscious upgrade that can increase the building value while offering a reliable energy source.

Wind energy is also an excellent form of alternative energy. Though harder to install than solar panels, wind power is just as effective with the right conditions.

There are smaller wind turbines available; however, trees and construction can interfere. But if you have space for one large wind turbine, this is an alternative energy source you should consider.

Sustainable Wood

Deforestation is one of the biggest contributors to our changing climate. Because of how many products come from trees, it’s hard to avoid contributing.

By purchasing raw lumber, you may be unknowingly supporting the cutting down of trees that are vital to many ecosystems. Instead, you should take care to find sustainable options for raw wood and wood products.

Recycling your wood products is always a good step in the direction of eco-consciousness. Saving scrap pieces to use in future projects can have a bigger impact on the environment than some may realize.

If you must buy new wood, try to do it sustainably. There are sustainable forests that actively renew their resources as they’re used. Certified wood from these forests means knowing that whatever you use will be replaced.

This protects important forests like the Amazon from deforestation. Conserving wildlife and protecting the world for future generations.

Conserving Water

Water is one of the world’s most essential resources, and it is a finite resource. That’s why it’s essential to conserve water in as many ways as we can. The easiest answer is to use less water, which can be easier said than done.

There are other ways you can conserve and recycle your water and be more sustainable. One way that anyone can do it easily is to conserve rainwater.

Whether your system is sophisticated or simple, all you have to do is collect and store the rainwater. It’s your choice how you use rainwater, but the most popular use is to water plants, gardens, and lawns.

You can also recycle greywater and blackwater, which are types of water that have been used through plumbing fixtures. Greywater is discharged from toilets and blackwater from all fixtures.

There are systems that separate and treat this water, which can then be used to flush toilets or water lawns and gardens.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Whether it be residential or commercial, lighting has a large impact on the number of energy humans use. Most of the energy lightbulbs give off is heat, making the room warm with consistent use.

Conserving electricity doesn’t only mean turning off the lights when you’re done with them anymore. It means taking the extra step to ensure you minimize the amount of energy given off when lights are in use.

You can do this by switching to LED or energy-efficient light bulbs. Adding a dimmer switch to your light fixtures can reduce both energy emissions and cost.

Take Note Of These Green Building Trends

Being green is such an important part of our lives that it’s becoming less of a benefit and more of an essential. This is true of the spaces we choose to occupy, especially of our own homes.

Whether you’re building a home or renovating, consider these green building trends to make your space more environmentally conscious.

Not only are they good for the environment, but they can save you money in the long run.

Inspired to make your space a greener one? Share this with a friend and check out more green tips and home trends on our blog.

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