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8 Awesome Reasons to Move to Florida This Year

Dreaming of white sandy beaches, year-long summers, and beautiful coastal properties? A move to Florida might be what you need.

Steeped in history, packed full of activities, and with over a thousand miles of incredible coastline to explore, the sunshine state has something for everyone.

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8 Awesome Reasons to Move to Florida This Year

Keep reading to discover the top 8 reasons to move to Florida in 2021. Question is, how fast can you pack your bags?

1. Year-Round Caribbean Weather

It’s not called the sunshine state for nothing. Florida boasts an impressive 250 days of sunshine each year and has an average temperature of 72’.

The subtropical climate is perfect making the most of outdoor hobbies and taking up new ones. Florida’s become a hotspot for watersports, golf, and tennis.

Alternatively, if you’re more of an exercise enthusiast, there’s plenty of outdoor gyms, state parks, nature trails, and cycle tracks for you to check out.

And you’ve not been forgotten home birds! The weather provides the perfect opportunity to try your hand at gardening. Just imagine waking up in the morning to tend the citrus trees and homegrown oranges in your backyard- it’s pure bliss!

2. Florida Has a Strong Economy & Stable Employment

If you’re moving to Florida with the hope of finding a new job, you’re in luck. Florida’s economy is historically stable due to its revenue from tourism, agriculture, aerospace, and international trade.

Florida is the 2nd most visited state in the US after Califonia, so you could be living and working in one of the world’s top holiday spots all year long.

Employment opportunities in Florida are also abundant, with jobs readily available in construction, tourism, city planning, and skilled trades. In 2019 Florida’s employment rate sat at 3.4%, which is below the national average.

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3. Incredible Real Estate Opportunities

You’ll be wowed by what your money can buy in the sunshine state.
A booming property marketing means that plenty of high-quality, new homes are available statewide. The average home price in 2021 is under $250,000.

And whilst prices have been slowly increasing over the past few years, there are still plenty of incredible family homes, condo’s and apartments to suit those on a tighter budget.

Compared to other US states, property prices in Florida are of great value. And you’ll get more bang for your buck with large, spacious properties on the market.

This real estate firm specializes in selling homes in Florida’s most prestigious communities- check them out for some serious home buying inspiration.

4. No State Income Tax

Aside from the sun, people are realizing there are tonnes of equally brilliant reasons to make Florida ‘home’. A big benefit of living in Florida is not needing to pay any state income tax. So you can keep more of your hard-earned dollars for yourself.

Instead of income tax, the state of Florida boosts its revenues through a sales tax (currently set at 7%) and a 5% tourist tax accrued from rental properties and hotel stays under 6 months. You’ll never appreciate tourists as much as when you move to Florida!

5. Award-Winning Beaches

When you think of Florida, the first thing that comes to mind is white sandy beaches, palm trees, and the odd orange or two!

With over 1,350 miles of coastline bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida claims many of the countries top-rated beaches.

It’s no surprise that Conde Nast’s number 1 beach in the US was awarded to Grayton Beach State Park on the Gulf coast.

But don’t stop there. You are never more than 45 minutes from the beach in Florida. So you’ll be able to find your favorite spot when you move.

6. Great Entertainment for All Ages

One thing’s for sure. Life in Florida is anything but boring! From Walt Disney World to LEGOLAND and Universal Studios, Florida is a hotspot for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers.

With rides and amusements for all ages, these world-renowned theme parks are fun for the whole family.

But it’s not just about rollercoasters. If it’s technology and science that get you going, Kennedy Space Center’s legendary Cape Canaveral visitors complex lets you try space simulators, view spacecraft, and if you’re lucky- watch a real rocket launch into outer space.

Or maybe you love wildlife and can spend countless hours tracking gators in the everglades.

Whatever it is that you love, you’ll find it in Florida!

7. Incredible Sport

Home to some of the best professional sports teams in the country, Florida is a sports lover’s paradise.

Top NBA, MLB, NFL teams, like the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, and Jacksonville Jaguars are located here, whilst teams from all over the US come to train in the warm weather each year.

8. A Diverse History to Explore

Florida is a melting pot of cultures and combines influences from all over the world to create a distinctive Floridan vibe.

Native American, Hispanic, and African American customs have all influenced the food, social life, and distinct architecture in the state, meaning there’s always something new to fall in love with.

Movers from across the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America all call the Sunshine State home. This makes for a rich culture where everyone is welcomed and celebrated for their differences!

From rodeos to colorful carnivals you’ll get to show off your traditions and make new ones.

Ready to Move to Florida?

Ready. Set. Relocate!

If you’ve decided that the Florida lifestyle sounds like your idea of heaven, you’ll want to start your move as soon as possible.

After all, what’s the point in hanging around when there’s summer to enjoy in the sunshine state? Start making your dream a reality by researching neighborhoods, schools, and movers that can help your relocation run as smoothly as possible.

A move to Florida could be the best decision you’ve ever made!

Be sure to check out the rest of our blog for more on life in Florida and lifestyle tips to help you make the most of your new adventure.

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