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Living in a Small Home? These 4 Tips Will Help You Maximize the Space You Have Available

Look around your home: is it small and cramped? Do you wish you had more space? Many Americans live in small homes or apartments and are unhappy with the amount of storage or living space they have.

However, with a few creative tips, you can maximize the space you do have, creating a cozy home with plenty of room for your belongings and furniture.

image - Living in a Small Home These 4 Tips Will Help You Maximize the Space You Have Available
Living in a Small Home These 4 Tips Will Help You Maximize the Space You Have Available

1. Clear Out the Things You Don’t Need

There are plenty of different hacks and tips you can use to create more space (or even the illusion of more space) in your home, but one of the best methods is to throw things away that you don’t need or want.

A Dumpster Rental is a terrific way to accomplish this on a large scale, and you will be surprised at how much space you can actually create by getting rid of the stuff you don’t use.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you haven’t touched something or used it in over two years, just throw it out.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to sentimental items or home décor, but if you’re still saving that sweater from 1991 or ten old blankets that you don’t use, take a deep breath, throw them away, and smile at all the new space you just gained.

2. Use the Weird Space Under Your Stairs

If you’ve got stairs, then you’ve got a weird, awkwardly shaped space underneath them that you probably have no idea what to do with.

However, these nooks and crannies are perfect for creating storage space. You can add storage cabinets, shelves, or even drawers.

If you pick a lighter-colored paint with a satin finish, it helps create the illusion of a lighter and brighter home.

Adding a storage room under your staircase is the perfect way to make lots of free space in your small house or apartment.

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3. Buy Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Have you ever seen a bed setup that comes with drawers underneath and storage in the headboard? Multi-functional furniture is specifically designed to help you save space in your home.

Though it might be a splurge to buy all new furniture, if you are committed to creating the maximum amount of space in your home, this is a wonderful way to do it.

There are some truly innovative and neat solutions available, like tables that can fold into the wall or sofas that come with storage underneath or in the arms.

4. Add a Skylight or More Windows

When you add in a skylight or extra windows, it adds plenty of bright and sunny light. Extra sunlight can do wonders for a small apartment or home.

The light bouncing around everywhere makes it seem much roomier and brighter than it would with no windows.

One of the most popular designs is a skylight. These are usually long and narrow, but they can be any shape you desire.

Adding a skylight can completely transform a room and create the illusion of space, making it seem much larger than it is.

Create More Space in Your Home or Apartment

You don’t have to live in a mansion to create lots of room in your home or apartment. In fact, there are plenty of tips and tricks anyone can use to create space or even just the illusion of more space.

Rent a dumpster and clear out all the things you don’t use or don’t need. Use that awkward space beneath your stairs to add some storage, or use multi-functional furniture that can also give you more storage capabilities.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much space you can create, which will keep your home feeling light, bright, and roomy.

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