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Tips to Renovate Your Small Bathroom without Disturbing Budget

Want to renovate your small bathroom? Fortunately, some remodeling strategies allow you to give a new look to your bathroom. There are lots of things to do with custom countertops, flooring, and color.

These renovation strategies will help you to enlarge your space without breaking your walls.

image - Tips to Renovate Your Small Bathroom without Disturbing Budget
Tips to Renovate Your Small Bathroom without Disturbing Budget

For small bathroom renovations in Melbourne, you can consult experts. There are some effective ways for small bathroom renovations within your budget.

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Use a Mirror

To create an illusion of largeness, you can use a beautiful wall-to-wall mirror. After installing a mirror, your bathroom will boast an airy and open vibe.

Moreover, you can arrange sufficient natural light in your bathroom. Feel free to choose sweet wallpaper and a bright color scheme.

Customized Shower Bench

If you have a small shower space in your bathroom, you can make it look luxe. For instance, make a modern statement with baby blue tiles and glass enclosure.

With a floating bench, you can increase the functional and formal value of your bathroom.

Remove Unnecessary Items

Bulging items in a bathroom can make it look complex or bulky. Avoid things sticking out from different walls in a narrow bathroom. For instance, avoid installing a towel bar on a wall and mount your towel on the rear of its door.

Moreover, magazine racks and toilet paper holders can be suitable alternatives. In a small bathroom, you should avoid ornamental shelves. These precious things can take away valuable square footage.

Try Different Storage Ideas

Storage space can hold toilet papers, towels, and daily supplies, including cleansers, toothbrush, makeup, etc. Pedestal sinks may look beautiful, but these are not functional for a small bathroom.

Install hooks behind the doors of the bathroom if you have a small bathroom. These hooks are suitable to hold robes and towels.

Moreover, door pouches can hold your makeup, hair supplies, and several other things. You can install a shelving set or cabinet in the walls to save space.

Unique Monochrome Material

You can decorate your small bathroom with beautiful monochrome stones. The striped towels, stone surfaces, round mirror, and sculptural sconce, are the best minimalist options.

For instance, grayscale stone looks elegant in a small bathroom without overpowering eyes.

High Ceiling Illusion

Everyone likes a large bathroom, but if you are unable to make one, get the advantage of the illusion of a high ceiling. Lighting will help you to give a visual of more space in your small bathroom.

To make your room look larger, try to light-up your ceiling with cove lighting or wall sconces. It helps you to create an impression of expansive space and high ceilings.

Illuminate a wall of your narrow bathroom to give the impression of an open area.

Diagonally Install Floor Tiles

Well-organized and grid-like tiles can make your bathroom feel small. Put floor tiles diagonally to give an illusion of the larger bathroom. Choose large tiles with tinny grout lines that may give the feel of extra square footage.

It will be fun to install beautiful lighting in the bathroom. Make your room look beautiful with a fusion of colors and lighting. An oversized pendant may serve the purpose to add contrast in your bathroom.