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Makeover Your Furniture with Re-Upholstery Experts

Before speaking about furniture re-upholstery let’s understand the meaning of upholstery. Obviously, you are aware of the practical approach but a little theoretical knowledge never goes in vain.

As per the dictionary, Upholstery means, “the materials used to cushion and cover furniture.” However, the detailed explanation says, “Upholstery is the work of providing furniture, especially seats, with padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers.”

Makeover Your Furniture with Re-Upholstery Experts
Makeover Your Furniture with Re-Upholstery Experts

What is Furniture Re-Upholstery?

Now, you know the basics so we can easily move to the main topic that is furniture re-upholstery. Sometimes, the chairs or sofas or other luxe furniture has a good frame and a sturdy structure but with the passage of time with usage, the seats lost their touch of comfort.

In those conditions, you can remove the whole old stuff and do the re-upholstery on the furniture. It saves you from buying the new stuff from the market.

Get Luxury Retouching at Pocket-friendly Rates

We all know furniture is expensive and if we think about those luxury chairs with those jumpy seats then the prices are bound to touch the sky, but if you have some basic raw material at home, then you can have that luxury without spending much of your savings.

So, experts say that furniture re-upholstery is pretty much an expensive process because of the time and effort it requires. They openly say that it is labor-intensive work where you have to spend time and sweat. However, the end result is always overwhelming and can make you awestruck.

Furniture Re-Upholstery

Myths of furniture Re-Upholstery

It is a myth that furniture re-upholstery is all about changing the fabric. During the process, one needs to be stripping the whole structure then changing the springs then the fabric as well as padding, and in the last assembling the whole piece again.

When it comes to filling the cushion and the seats always remember to keep a mixture of foam and down-and-feather, which offers comfort along with durability to the cushions.

A 60-40 ratio of down and feather with a covering of foam is the best combination of comfort for both the back and seating cushions.

If you are doing it by yourself then good but if you are getting the work done from somewhere then do not forget to tell them these pointers, as it is for your comfort.

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Mistakes to Avoid

  • While checking out the prices for getting the furniture reupholstery, always remember about staying away from the odd one out, as they won’t be able to get the good work if they are going too high or too low in comparison to the market.

Experts say that they do not have to skills to complete the task efficiently. Hence, stay away from these kinds of people.

  • Pay attention to the task of re-upholstery for your furniture, as many of the guys in the market do not strip the old fabric and place cotton before covering it with the new fabric.

Well, after few months, the cotton will sag and the furniture will reach its old state. So, ask the worker to trip the old fabric and get the work done properly.

  • It is the fact the fabric shrinks so before getting the fabric covering your furniture, make sure that you wash it. Because once the furniture is made and you get the fabric for cleaning with liquid then it is never going to fit on the furniture.

So, buy more than the worker suggests and wash it before getting it attached to the furniture.

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