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How To: Ways and Methods of Improving / Increasing Boiler Efficiency

A boiler can be an important appliance of your home especially if you are living in windy and cold regions. If your boiler is contributing to major electricity bill then you may think of replacing the boiler or get it repaired. Whether you think to get it repaired or replace it with a new one, the boiler is definitely going to incur some expenses. Before this situation arrives, there are many methods of improving the efficiency of a boiler. Let us look at them.
How To: Ways and Methods of Improving / Increasing Boiler Efficiency
Methods of Improving Boiler Efficiency

Excess Air reduction

This is indeed one of the most common reasons that leads to increases in the energy bills. When the additional air gets accumulated in the boiler, then that extra air gets heated up and is diffused in the atmosphere. To control this, you can install an automatic blow-down system that can control the accumulation of this additional air in the boiler. However, there are many other reasons that this extra is infused in the boiler. For example, if the air density changes, this extra air can be used. Other reasons include burner maintenance, control system, and fuel composition.

Improve Insulation

Many a times, the uninsulated steam can lead to wastage of energy. Moreover, a lot of heat is lost in the process. In order to improve the insulation, you can install removable bracket insulation on valve, steam traps as well as fitting. In addition, you can insulate steam distribution and also condensate return lines.

Economizer installation

This solution is adequate only if the boiler has some insufficient heat transfers. If this is the case, then you may consider of installing an economizer tube. Also, you must ensure that you install the tube safely to prevent any damage due to over pressure, which may occur if the temperature of the exhaust gas gets high.

Blow down reduction

A blow down is required to maintain the concentration of boiler of dissolved solids that is required to condition the boiler water. However, these solids are necessary to prevent scaling and boiler corrosion. Besides, the boiler generates the steam from the water that evaporates. The additional water must be drained away from the boiler during the process of blow down.

Reduce Pressure of Boiler

When the pressure of the boiler is reduced, the heat that is lost during the leakage may also be reduced. On the other hand, there may be other problems that may arrive due to insufficient pressure.

Change Condensate recovery rates

Another great way of improving the energy, you can consider changing the condensate recovery rates by insulating steam distribution and also return the condensate to the boiler.

These are few ways that you can follow and help in reducing the energy. Moreover, you can research on your boiler completely and understand it features well to improve the durability of the boiler. Moreover, you must ensure that you maintain the boiler on regular basis to prevent any serious damage. This will in turn improve the energy as well as enhance its durability.

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