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Different Types of Boilers for Homes – Which one is the Best?

Boilers have become an important part of daily life. The usage of the boilers has significantly increased in the last decade. The implementation of the boiler at home has especially gathered much popularity. With time different types of boilers have been designed for the purpose of home use.

However, the need, requirement, and correctness of the boiler for any home depend upon the need of that home. There are many factors and parameters which decide which boilers should be taken. Available space, energy supply, amount of hot water needed are a few of the important criteria.

Also, do you know, under the energy company obligation scheme an ‘A’ grade boiler with a digital thermostat will be installed at your home if you qualify for a free boiler grant?

image - Different Types of Boilers for Homes – Which one is the Best?
Different Types of Boilers for Homes – Which one is the Best?

Different Types of Boilers for Home

There are many types of boilers available for the home in the market. It is up to the customer to choose the right one according to the need. Following are the most popular and useful boilers available for home purposes.

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Combi Boiler

It is one of the best-suited boilers for home use. The small size of the boiler can be easily fit into the space and can offer hot water. However, the energy of the boiler can be different and people can go according to their choice.

Gas Central Heating should be a good choice for the home purpose. It becomes affordable and also small size means less pipe-lining for gas central heating. The hot water tank can be fit into the home and can be removed again whenever required.

Unvented Sealed Boiler

It is a different type of Boiler for home purposes but very useful. It does not have a conventional water tank lofted. However, it does have water storage that demands less space and can be easily fit in anywhere.

One can simply use the hot water by running the tap of the water storage. It does not get cooler even when someone is taking shower. However, the drawback of the boiler is that it takes time to heat, and also it needs to be heated each time the storage gets emptied.

Open vented Sealed Boiler

This could be another good choice for home use. It is one of the boilers where water storage is kept lofted. However, it needs to two storage and one heating cylinder generally lofted. It can heat both the tap water and the shower water. However, the drawback of the system remains the same as it needs time to heat the water and needs to be heated once the storage is emptied.

Back Boiler

If you can boil water in open fire and can store it then a back boiler is not a bad option. It might sound very old-fashioned boiler, but in recent times it has advanced a lot and has now come back to use.

Electric Boilers

There is no point to say that Electric Boilers are the most popular boilers in the world. Both the Combi and Condensing boilers are finding their way home for heating purposes. However, the major reason for using electric boilers is the easy-to-use method.

There is no complexity to use the boilers and the installation is rather easy and comfortable. Unlike other boilers, it does not have many shortcomings and if any problem arises, it can be fixed within a short span of time.

Combi Boiler
Combi Boiler

Best Boiler for Home

The best boiler for the home will again depend upon the requirement and the condition of the home. If you need more resources to make this decision, you can check out the best boilers to buy in 2021 to check out all the new efficiency features of modern boilers from the best brands.

Every home is designed in a different way and that is why the requirement is different. One boiler might not fit in one home but might be the perfect choice for another.

However, if the popularity ranking is considered then the Combi Boiler can be termed as the most popular boiler for home. It is compact, easy to use, can give a good amount of water, and also it is affordable and require less maintenance. But that does not rule out the importance and significance of other boilers for home use.

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