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The Most Common Roof Problems Plaguing Homeowners

A house is supposed to protect you from the elements and keep you safe. When you start having roof problems, however, anything can happen.

Furniture can be damaged, mold can seep in, and the ceiling could even collapse in on itself.

image - The Most Common Roof Problems Plaguing Homeowners
The Most Common Roof Problems Plaguing Homeowners

Here are some of the most common roof problems plaguing homeowners and what you should do about them.

Common Roof Problems

Some problems are common regardless of the type of roof your house has.

You’ll encounter leaks, moss blocking your gutters, blistering as a result of poor attic ventilation, and even critters building a home on your roof or even breaking into your vents.

Even something as simple as poor installation can cause numerous problems down the line. Make sure to invest in quality residential roofers when you’re making any changes or repairs.

Flat Roof House Problems

You’ll often find flat roofs on apartment buildings that have an accessible roof. Anyone who has lived in one knows the type of issues that pop up.

When the asphalt has aged and lost elasticity, it can bubble and crack. Without proper rain gutters, water will sit for days and cause moisture problems.

Weak roofs can also damage easily because of their flat nature, which doesn’t have great weight distribution.

Flat roofs are also prone to expanding and contracting with the weather, which can cause leaks and moisture to get in.

Roof Dryer Vent Problems

One of the problems you’ll see with venting your dryer through the roof is them clogging up due to condensation inside the uninsulated duct. When the dryer lint clogs up the vent, it creates a severe fire hazard.

It’s also a health hazard for homeowners if the lint backs up and releases back inside the building.

Metal Roof Problems

Metal roofing has a lot of unique problems you’ll have to consider.

Oil canning can occur, which is when metal roofing wrinkles and buckles due to improper installation and thermal expansion. If screws are not installed properly, you can see leaking as well.

Metal roofing is corrosion-resistant, but you may still encounter it happening on the cut edges of the metal. You will also see it succumb to saltwater corrosion if you live near the coast.

Most problems you encounter will be due to installation errors, so always use a reputable roofing company that won’t mess up.

TPO Roofing Problems

TPO is a membrane made up of synthetic material for covering flat roofs. Despite being strong and durable, it can also have problems.

If the membrane is punctured, it’s then vulnerable to leaks. UV rays also degrade the adhesives, which keep it waterproof.

Keep the Roof Over Your Head Secure

Regardless of where you live, maintaining your roof is essential for protecting your home from the sun, weather, and invading wildlife. If you’re encountering a leaking ceiling or notice visible damage, call someone to check it out ASAP.

Prevent common roof problems before they happen. For other tips and ideas for improving your home, check out our other articles today.

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