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The Multiple Use of Sunbrella Fabric

Since the advent of sunbrella fabric over five decades ago, its popularity has reached various parts of the globe.

Its greatness is apparent in its capacity to be used for several purposes such as indoor and outdoor decor, cushioning, shade, and a lot more.

image - The Multiple Use of Sunbrella Fabric
The Multiple Use of Sunbrella Fabric

There are many multipurpose fabrics available, but sunbrella materials stand out, and we’re going to show you why. But first, let’s tell you what sunbrella fabric is.

What is Sunbrella Fabric?

Sunbrella is a flexible shelter and thalassic fabric that has both outdoor and indoor uses. Its meticulous design makes it long-lasting and refined, capable of being used in so many situations.

As trailblazers of performance fabrics, Sunbrella has the professionalism and the assets needed to revolutionize the fabric world consistently.

Their voguish and quality trails back to the start of the making of sunblind fabrics: before this, cotton was the most accepted shelter medium in the 1960s, but Sunbrella was keen on gracing the market with a new substance that could last up to ten times longer than cotton, with less attention or preservation needed and was fade resistant.

What made their fabrics unique and top-notch was that they didn’t just apply surface dye but used technology that kept the material vibrant for years, even in direct sunlight.

Why You Need Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabrics have a standing of up to a decade, and this is more than twice the lifespan of most other performance fabrics.

It means you will get refined products and ones that will stay radiant for well over different materials’ average shelf life. WickerPark offers an array of sleek sunbrella fabrics for your choosing.

1. Weather Resistant

Sunbrella fabrics withstand various weather conditions. Because of their “core-dye” technology, their materials can retain their color even after being exposed to constant sunlight.

In 2006 Sunbrella received the International Seal of Recommendation by The Skin Cancer Foundation. They fend off moss from growing, which means they can withstand partially wet conditions.

2. Sustainability

Sunbrella fabrics last up to 15 years in some cases, depending on how well they are cared for. They are sure to keep their good looks throughout use.

The Sunbrella makers promise long-lasting quality by offering a 5-year guarantee on their products. The warranty covers rot-resistant and color-preservation from the time the day the fabric is purchased.

3. Delible

Sunbrella fabrics are effortless to clean. Their production method allows for the complete removal of stains without stress. For cushion covers, regular laundry can handle any stains. You could also:

  • Brush the fabric clean to remove slack stains.
  • Soak up fluids with a dry cloth.
  • Use warm water and detergent to remove slightly tough stains, rinse thoroughly, and dry.

4. Custom Made

One great feature many love about Sunbrella fabrics is the wide variety of options available to its customers. Their materials come in over 200 selections, and Sunbrella is still relentless in its efforts to discover new possibilities for its user’s choice.

They provide a wide range of colors that are sure to last no matter the shade.

Most will agree that ornate textiles are one of the most crucial elements in comfort and outstanding models. For patio furniture, this is especially true, and WickerPark provides excellent Sunbrella furniture fabrics.

Read Also:

1. Upholstery

With state of the art designs, Sunbrella upholstery fabrics can be used indoor and outdoor; a remarkable assemblage with exceptional execution that are both impressive enough for a traditional item and long-lasting sufficient for the settee you drop into after a long day. They are useful for:

  • drapes and curtains by harnessing their decorative and flexible qualities for aesthetics.
  • Cushion covers by injecting elegance into any setting, be it for regular settees and chairs or patio/outdoor furniture.
  • standard pillows and other home accessories

2. Shelter

The free space outdoor offers repose second to none—a cozy, appealing space with fresh air and an incredible sight.

However, a vital component of every outdoor space is shade. The primary reason many people do not enjoy their outdoor room to the fullest is the lack of shade from direct sunlight and rain.

With Sunbrella shelter fabrics, you are sure of the pleasant experience you desire despite any harsh or mild weather conditions through the years.

There is a wide variety of Sunbrella shade stock structures, from tarpaulin shade materials to jacquard sunshade fabrics.

The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation covers most of our materials, so you can safely enjoy your outdoor relaxation in the comfort of your homes or public.

3. Aquatic Use

Every boat owner places great value on their boats. Whether it is for commercial purposes or recreational activities—for the love of it—going for what delivers excellent results every time is the dream.

For this reason, for over five decades, Sunbrella fabrics have been the go-to option for several boaters.

Whatever it is that you drive, Sunbrella promises proper cover and defense from the elements’ adverse effects.

4. Umbrellas

For both small-scale and industrial level umbrellas, fabrics from the Sunbrella shade collection are the perfect solution.

You can get exquisite coverings in an almost unlimited variety of colors for different settings.


No matter the situation, and for whatever purpose, WickerPark promises to deliver graceful Sunbrella coverings that meet your taste. Check out the different options and make a choice.