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Must-Have Stationery Supplies for Your Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a diary, to-do list, sketchpad, and notebook rolled into one. It helps keep track of one’s goals, activities, habits, and moods. Unlike traditional journaling that entails putting thoughts and emotions down on paper using paragraphs, bullet journaling allows the person to be more spontaneous and creative.

Instead of using many words, the individual can sketch and use stickers, legends, colours, and keywords to express one’s mind and feelings. As such, bullet journaling is an effective way to de-stress and keep the person motivated.

image - Must-Have Stationery Supplies for Your Bullet Journal
Must-Have Stationery Supplies for Your Bullet Journal

If you are thinking of joining this fad that piqued the interest of many millennials, here are several must-have stationery supplies to get you started:

Bullet Journal Notebook

Begin your bullet journaling journey by purchasing a good bullet journal notebook. If you are still sceptical about completely diving into this exciting hobby, you can use a traditional school notebook to see if this activity is right for you.

Find a notebook with pages that are at least GSM 100 thick. Select a size that fits your purse and comfortable enough to carry wherever you go.

A journal notebook that is too large or too small can discourage you from writing, which is why size is crucial. A notebook with a hardcover is also ideal for protecting the pages and added aesthetics.

Writing Pens

Keep your bullet journal neat and aesthetically pleasing by buying writing pens that do not bleed or smudge. You can use a common ballpoint pen in a variety of colours to make your writings pop.

You can also consider using erasable pens so that you can always correct your mistakes without having to do everything all over again.

Drawing Pens

What makes a bullet journal distinct is that it allows you to be artistic and creative. Ensure that you have several drawing pens for doodling on the edges or drawing different characters depending on your mood.

Play with different tip sizes so you can create various artistic effects in your drawings. At the very least, you may want to invest in an excellent set of fine liner pens to make sketching more enjoyable.

Brush Pens and Highlighters

Practice your calligraphy skills using brush pens in a variety of colours. Use them to write titles, important passages, and keywords you want to remember.

It would be best to keep several highlighters in interesting hues on your arsenal for creating borders, dividers, and headings.

Highlighters are also useful when you want colour-coded entries. Find items that are smooth, water-resistant, and easy to dry.

Washi Tapes

If you are not confident with your artistic skills, you can decorate your bullet journal with washi tapes.

These useful strips come in a variety of colours and designs at affordable prices. You can readily glam up your boring notebook by using washi tapes as borders.


Whether you grasp it or not, you need a reliable ruler to help you draw straight lines. Your ruler does not have to be expensive.

You can purchase a cheap one for as long as you can carry it with your notebook and use it whenever possible. Do not underestimate all the creative things you can do with a simple ruler.

The items above are some of the essential stationery supplies that you need to start your bullet journaling journey. Your supplies need not be expensive. Just make sure to purchase them from reputable shops that sell high-quality brands for a pleasurable experience.

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