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6 Necessary Tasks for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning is a tradition in many countries around the world. It is a way of welcoming a new beginning in life.

The temperature change also brings a peaceful feeling; it renews your energy to perform this seasonal cleaning task.

Spring cleaning is a whole process where you clean your home from top to bottom. To make things more manageable, you can make a list of areas that need more attention and repair.

It is fun to start the cleaning process from the outdoors and then makes their way inside. It majorly depends on how much time you have and how easily you can organize everything by enjoying the procedure.

image - 6 Necessary Tasks for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist
6 Necessary Tasks for Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here are six necessary tasks for your spring cleaning checklist:

1. Restock Your Cleaning Supplies

Get all the cleaning supplies before getting to work; home remedies are also useful for an in-depth cleaning process. If you are looking for natural cleaners, then baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, and lemon are beneficial.

Use a microfiber mop if you want convenience and extra shine for your floors. Gloves, sponges, spray bottles, and all-purpose detergents are a must-have for the spring cleaning checklist.

Consider all the potential areas that need cleaning; kitchen, bedrooms living rooms, bathrooms, garage, yard, and storage are the spaces you cannot ignore.

Get disposable cups to rinse showers and tubs. A Ph. neutral floor cleaner is also handy, especially if you have children at home.

2. Focus On Your Walls, Roofs, and Ceilings

Restocking is the first step for the spring cleaning task, but you have to consult professionals for the more complex tasks. If you want to repair your roof as a part of the spring cleaning job, get in touch with your local home improvement service.

If you are a Petersburgh resident, then roof repair Petersburg VA can take care of all your concerns relating to roofing, windows, and sliding. Just like a cleaning supply restock, consulting home improvement services before the cleaning process is necessary.

Additionally, wipe your walls and ceilings with a cloth or use a vacuum for more effective results. If you plan to add a new color to your house, removing the dust off the walls will bring a fresh feel. And for your kitchen walls, use a solvent-free degreaser.

Apart from cleanliness, home maintenance is central to your home’s longevity. Timely renovations and repairs save your time and money for the long run. It also increases your house’s sale value if you want to sell it soon.

3. Deep Clean Your Carpets

Remove dust and debris from the carpet by vacuuming the surface. Treat the stains on the carpet before starting the deep cleaning.

Water and vinegar are beneficial on tough stains, and you can also add a little baking soda to speed up the process. Ensure your carpet can resist the vinegar; testing carpets’ colorfastness is essential to save your carpets from losing color.

If you have an outside space where you can wash your rugs, then make full use of it to protect your indoor floor from unnecessary moisture.  Air-dry your carpet to attain maximum results.

Clothes steamers help deep clean carpets, and it is a good option for cleaning fixed carpets.

4. Refresh Your Wooden Furniture

Old furniture gives a vintage feel but if you like a shiny timber or wooden feel, use a wood dye. For safety purposes, wear a mask and use gloves. To remove the old polish and wax, you can buy a wax remover.

Once the surface is clean from the layers of old paint, you can get a good body using glass paper and a sanding block. Now apply the wood dye; once it is dry, apply a fresh coat of finishing oil.

Clean your furniture with a lint-free cloth at the end of the process. If your furniture’s old paint is delicate and needs a little shine, using wood wax alone will solve it.

5. Cleaning the Kitchen, Rooms, and Bathroom

Get rid of the dust and grease from the kitchen cabinets in the first place. Remove all the items from the inside and place them into groups. Catch all the cobwebs and clean your kitchen appliances properly.

Furthermore, fill the sink with soapy water and add baking soda and baking powder to it. Place all the plates, cups, and pans in it that still look dirty even after washing them in the dishwasher.

Take extra care while cleaning your refrigerator, pantry, and floor. Spot all the spills in the living room and bedrooms. Plus, you can use fabric cleaning hacks to remove the stains without putting in a lot of effort.

Change your curtains and bed sheets and use a lighter shade to add color to your rooms.

Bathrooms are relaxing spots, and a clean shower gives you positive vibes. Replace your shower curtain with a new one and clean the corners of your bathtub correctly. Remove all the dust off the walls and give your toilet a proper deep cleaning to avoid germs.

6. Create a Donation or Put Away Box

If you do not need any items, it is good to donate them or put them away. Clutter takes away all the space and makes your home look small and untidy even after cleaning.

Allocate the rightful place for every item, store your winter items in the attic, or donate to create more space. Storing seasonal items keeps them away from dust. Use the area under your bed to store things if you have space issues.

The Final Word

Spring seasons bring hope and give the message of a new beginning. The change in weather also brings out positive energy. Spring cleaning is a ritual that allows people to get rid of all the dust, grease, and clutter from their house.

The important places to consider for a spring cleanup are your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, storage, and yard. For a more advanced cleaning and repairing process, you can consult a professional to take care of your repairs.

The heavy snow and harsh climate leave your roofs in a vulnerable position. Thus, it is pivotal to repair your roofs in this condition before moving to the cleaning phase.