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What You Should Do If Your Apartment Toilet Keeps Clogging

Toilet blockages are concerning. The moment you pull the flush or push the button you know there is an issue.

The water level rises in the toilet bowl and your heart races. You’ll instantly feel that fear of wastewater pouring across your clean bathroom floor.

image - What You Should Do If Your Apartment Toilet Keeps Clogging
What You Should Do If Your Apartment Toilet Keeps Clogging

Considering wastewater contains an array of bacteria, it’s a good reason to be concerned

Common Reasons for Toilet Clogging

It’s worth understanding the most common reasons for the toilet to clog. This can help you identify the issue and resolve it, preventing future clogs.

In general, a clog appears in waste pipes when items have been put down the drains that shouldn’t have been.

The most common culprits are hygiene products and wet wipes.

These items don’t degrade but they do stick to chinks inside the pipes. This leads to more waste items sticking and, eventually, a partial or complete clog occurs.

If the clog only affects your toilet then you have an issue with your toilet waste pipe.

However, if the issue affects all your water appliances, you probably have a clog in the communal stack. It can be harder to trace who caused this.

You do need to be careful about what goes down the toilet.

Call A Plumber

There are several things you can try yourself but calling a reputable plumber Sydney is a great idea.

The plumber will have the right tools to clear any clog. But, more importantly, most plumbers will have drain inspection cameras.

These slide inside your drain, helping the plumber to inspect your pipes without taking them apart.

The camera will highlight any clogs or potential for clogs. This will help you to identify the issue and resolve it.

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Plungers remain one of the most effective ways of eliminating any clog. A plunger creates a seal around the base of the toilet.

When you slowly bring the plunger up and down you’re creating a vacuum in the pipe below.

This lack of air changes the pressure balance inside the pipe and forces the clog to break up.

It’s effective even if it is old-school.

Toilet Auger

The next option is to slide a toilet auger down your toilet. This is a bendy piece of metal, strong enough to move the blockage but also flexible enough to move through the pipes.

You can push the drain auger through yourself and clear the blockage with it. However, using a drain camera afterward to confirm the blockage has gone is a good idea.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

This uses the chemical reaction between two chemicals to create a miniature explosion that will break the blockage up.

All you have to do is take a cup of baking soda and pour it into the toilet drain. Follow this with one cup of vinegar and stand back.

The two substances will combine to create a reaction that forces the clog to break up.

The whole process takes just five minutes, you can verify the pipe is clear by pouring a kettle of hot water down the drain.

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