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Not a Single Pink Color: Interesting Ideas on How to Correctly Decorate a Room For a Girl

Creating an interior for a young girl is not an easy task: tastes and preferences change, desires do not coincide with opportunities, parents do not take it seriously and impose their opinion …

Lifebuoy in the ocean of doubt – the right prioritization. A good reason to talk about zoning and choosing an interior style.

image - Not a Single Pink Color Interesting Ideas on How to Correctly Decorate a Room For a Girl
Not a Single Pink Color Interesting Ideas on How to Correctly Decorate a Room For a Girl

Functional areas

The recommended square footage of the girly kingdom is from 12 sq.m. This is enough to accommodate a bed, desk, wardrobe, and a small sofa.

Before arranging furniture, divide the room into appropriate areas for sleeping, working, resting, and storing.

You will get a cozy bedroom with soft pillows, a study, a dressing room with your favorite outfits, and a living room for relaxation and gatherings with friends.

1. Sleeping Place

We spend a third of our conscious life in sleep. A weighty argument to allocate time and effort to organize a sleeping place.

Opt for traditional beds instead of sofas and folding beds. Even in a small room, there is room for a single model.

Calculating a suitable bed length will not be a problem – add at least 10 cm to your height. As for the width, it is enough to lie down, put your hands behind your head, and straighten your elbows. Is it comfortable?

We take! When ordering a bed on the Internet, be guided by the average: 70-100 cm for a single bed and 120-160 cm for a queen-size bed.

To find some qualitative and yet stylish bed you can go to the nyfurnitureoutlets.com.

The best option for a narrow room is to put the bed along the wall. If the room is spacious, only the head of the bed is near the wall, and bedside tables are placed on the sides.

2. Working Area

It is better to arrange a workplace by a window, where there is more natural light. Suitable colors for decoration: yellow, blue, and green. They promote concentration and memorization.

Neutral white, gray, and beige will also work. But bright accents (red, orange) should be avoided: they excite the nervous system and interfere with concentration.

There should be enough space on the table for textbooks, notebooks, and a computer, and the chair should have armrests and fix the back.

Complement the study and work area with pleasant bonuses: a bookcase and a slate/marker/corkboard.

3. Rest Area

Creating a seating area is easy – it can be a large soft carpet with seating cushions, a small sofa with a coffee table, or a portable beanbag chair.

Owners of wide window sills (from 60 cm) rejoice because the window sill is another suitable place for relaxation.

image - Rest Area

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4. Storage

A few numbers: the minimum cabinet depth should be 55-60 cm. The height of the hanger bar is no more than two meters.

To determine the right one, stand next to the cabinet and stretch your hand up, will it be convenient for you to remove the hangers?

Good lighting (spotlights or directional lamps) and a full-length mirror (can be built into the closet door) will help to choose appropriate clothing without leaving the room.

Interior Style

In pursuit of fashion, young people often choose an interior that does not suit them in character and lifestyle.

As a result – the feeling that you are visiting or in a furniture showroom, and not at home. To avoid this, make a list of interests and hobbies that characterize you. This could be:

  • country (French, English, Japanese, Chinese style)
  • era (empire, rococo, baroque)
  • the art style(art deco, pop art, minimalism)
  • favorite place (nautical style for water lovers, chalets for experienced climbers)
  • hobby (colonial style – for travelers, techno – for advocates of progress)

We think that with such a variety of directions, everyone will find something to their liking. As examples, consider two neutral and three specific interior styles.

1. Scandinavian Style

Suitable for: fans of Scandinavia who seek to create an atmosphere of comfort and closeness to nature in their home. Also, this style will be appreciated by lovers of minimalism and pastel colors.

Scandinavian interior style is a duet of beauty and functionality. Its main features: open plan, simplicity, and airiness, an abundance of wood, vegetation, and textiles.

The main color scheme is white + pastel shades. Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, and Icelanders have a special love for the cold palette (gray, blue, blue), but there are also bright accents (yellow, green, pink).

2. Minimalism

Suitable for: Loyal followers of Mies van der Rohe’s motto “Less is more.”

Minimalism is about an open layout, an abundance of light, geometric shapes, spaciousness (furniture occupies only 20% of the room), multifunctional furniture (wardrobe, sofa bed), and lack of decor.

Color solution – white, gray, beige, brown, black. It looks elegant, and you can’t break your head over the compatibility of shades.

3. Loft

Suitable for: girls with character, courageous rebels who value freedom and creativity.

Delicate colors, textiles (fur, lace, velvet, fringe), shiny chandeliers, and large mirrors will help soften the rough textures typical of the loft style.

Also, the gloominess of concrete or brick walls can be diluted with pastel shades: pink, blue, lilac.

4. Pop Art

Suitable for: Andy Warhol fans, creative people

You can create the atmosphere of a modern gallery with the help of bright details, soft shapes, a combination of glass and plastic, glossy shine of decoration or furniture. As for decor – posters, comics, pictures in the style of pop art.

Don’t be afraid of juicy and even acidic colors. Just like in a children’s counting-room: “Red, yellow, blue – choose any for yourself!”. Often these contracts are smoothed out with neutral whites.

5. Boho

Suitable for: girls who do not recognize the rules and restrictions. They despise boredom, have their own outlook on things and artistic flair, and also masterfully know how to combine the incongruous.

The boho-style interior is the perfect place for relaxation, fun, and creativity. It is elaborated chaos: piles of pillows, curtains, exotic accessories, jewelry, lamps from different styles, and eras.

This trend is characterized by the use of bright colors: orange, green, brown, purple. A win-win option is to choose a neutral background (for example, beige) and dilute with catchy accents (blue and pink).

To decorate a room for a young girl, you need to take just two steps (after all, all Ingenious is simple):

  1. Competently divide the space into functional zones
  2. Decide on the right style

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