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7 Not So Cool Signs of a Bad Thermostat

Most disagreements about the HVAC unit are not whether to have it but how to set it. Some like it hot, others prefer cold, with men often more comfortable at cooler temperatures than women.

So what happens if you have a bad thermostat? As expected, everyone gets annoyed as the house gets uncomfortably cold or hot. And not only that, but a broken thermostat can cause your energy bill to skyrocket.

image - 7 Not So Cool Signs of a Bad Thermostat
7 Not So Cool Signs of a Bad Thermostat

While the lifespan of any thermostat isn’t set in stone, it can last for about ten years typically. But it can malfunction sooner than that for any number of reasons. You can have wiring issues, miscalibration, etc.

What are the signs of a bad thermostat? Below are some of the symptoms.

1. The Thermostat Doesn’t Turn On

Is the thermostat display blank or unlit when you turn it on? Try replacing the batteries. If there’s still no power, then you may have a broken home thermostat.

2. A Bad Thermostat Is Unresponsive

When you change the settings on your thermostat, it should respond almost immediately. Normally, you would hear clicking sounds before the HVAC equipment starting up.

If you don’t hear the sound or if the system doesn’t react to the adjustments you made, then the thermostat may be the problem.

3. The Heater or A/C Won’t Turn On or Off

The most fundamental function of a thermostat is communicating with the HVAC unit. It sends signals to the HVAC to turn it on or off or to increase or lower the temperatures.

If the communication between the two devices is cut off or compromised, the likely culprit is a wiring issue with the thermostat.

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4. Frequent Short-Cycling

Short-cycling happens when the HVAC shuts off earlier than required. It fails to complete an entire cycle of heating or cooling, or in other words, it “short cycles.”

You’ll likely need thermostat repair if you notice constant short cycling.

5. The Actual Room Temperature Is Different From the Display

Do you suspect that your thermostat may be lying? An easy way to verify your theory is to compare it with the reading from a portable indoor thermometer.

If you’re getting faulty thermostat readings, then you can safely say, “my home’s thermostat is broken.” In this case, the thermostat’s sensor may be out of order due to old age, defects, or other problems.

6. Uneven Temperatures From Room to Room

“This room’s too hot, and this room’s too cold, but this room’s just right.” If you feel like Goldilocks visiting every room of the three bears, then there’s definitely an issue with your thermostat.

Temperature swings are a symptom of a thermostat that’s having difficulty maintaining the correct settings.

7. Getting Surprised With a Huge Energy Bill

A failing thermostat is one of the reasons why you have an inefficient HVAC. Any of the issues listed above can lead to energy wastage and a higher energy bill than usual.

Of course, it’s also possible that your HVAC is the one with the problem and in need of heating repair.

Some Feel the Heat and Decide That They Can’t Go On

Some may indeed like it hot, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore a bad thermostat. Get the thermostat fixed ASAP so that people who can’t handle the heat can be comfortable too.

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