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Tips to Organize A Desk Space

Getting your desk organized is one of the ways to keep yourself focused on work. Cleaning and organizing the desk is often a good way to energize and inspire yourself.

Unfortunately, most times the clean and the organized desk does not last for longer than two days. Some people have large working areas or spaces while others have smaller spaces.

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Tips to Organize A Desk Space

Take a look at Teslyar.com for quality desks. Regardless of the space that you have, it is always best to try and keep it organized so that you can enjoy a productive day.

Here are some tips on how to organize your desk.

One of the most helpful tips is to keep only the items that you use daily on your desk. If you do not use it daily, it is just taking up more space than necessary. That makes your workspace cluttered.

Keep Your Supplies Close By

If you want to have all the items that you use often closed drawers and pencil caddies are a good way to do that.

Keep some things within arm’s reach to avoid searching for them when you need to use them. That includes resource files and any items you use daily.

If there is any item you use that can also be accessed on your phone, for instance, a phonebook, toss out the book and get more space for your desk.

If you need to keep binders and files within arm’s reach and do not have enough space on your desk, think about getting some shelves above the desk. You should also have your computer monitor raised to a suitable ergonomic level.

Have a System for Your Items

If there are any projects you are currently working on, make sure that they are organized by storing them in poly file folders or project jackets.

You should also label them and store them upright for easy sorting. It allows you to see your projects and also keep a clean desk.

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Have a Stacked In/Out Tray

If you do not sort out any incoming documents such as mail, they may become too many and cause chaos on your desk.

Having a designated area until you attend to them is the best way to keep your desk clean. A good tip is to make the bottom tray you In so that you do not have a large pile of unread/unattended documents that make your desk look disorganized.

You can limit the number of unattended documents in the pile to prevent a disorganized desk.

Remove All Distractions

Getting rid of all the personal items from your desk is a good place to start. You probably have people coming to the office, emails coming in, phones ringing with new clients, and such.

Keeping the distractions away will help you have a balance and prevent you from getting overwhelmed. Ensure you also clean out space under your desk.