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Top 3 Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

Do you sometimes hear things go ‘bump’ in the night? Do scurry, scuffling, or even chewing sounds greet you when you walk through your house. You could have some uninvited guests living with you.

Pests of all kinds cause untold damage in American homes and businesses. Termites alone can chew their way through $5 billion worth of wood in a year.

image - Top 5 Pest Control Tips for Homeowners
Top 5 Pest Control Tips for Homeowners

Try the pest control tips to help you take back control of your home.

Pest Control Tips for Indoor Spaces

Preventing pests from making themselves at home in your home’s relatively simple. It’s a matter of keeping things clean and tidy and avoiding creating pest hotspots for them to enjoy.

These are some of the things you must do:

  • Seal cracks and gaps in doors and windows
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom spotlessly clean
  • Clear away standing water, it attracts mosquitos
  • Dispose of your garbage regularly
  • Don’t keep fruit and vegetables past their sell-by dates
  • Declutter your house
  • Keep garden equipment outside

If you already have an infestation in your home, you can try pesticides and home remedies, but the best cure for established pests is to call in a professional pest control service for help. You can call this pest control service in Chicago to fix that problem.

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Yard Pest Control

Your home interiors aren’t the only place where animals and insects can make pests of themselves and garden pest control is a little more complicated since the local critters have got free reign.

The best way to prevent insects from breeding and thriving in your yard is by keeping it well maintained. Piles of brush and weeds are the perfect breeding ground for unwanted pests.

For the same reason, avoid using grass or leaf mulch on your garden beds. Wood chips work better to keep moisture in and pests away.

Keep your woodpile raised off the ground in an area away from your house. Regularly inspect your garden furniture and outbuildings for spider webs and remove them if you see any.

Clean your drains, accumulated, rotting gunk is a haven for pests.

Moles are one garden pest that will visit your yard no matter how neat and tidy it is. In fact, they’ll like it even more.

You can find out more about moles and some of the ways to remove them from trapyourmoles.com.

When in Doubt

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, the pests win. In these extreme cases, get in touch with a pest control company to help you get rid of your unwelcome visitors.

Pest control services have all the necessary tools and experience to get rid of pests effectively. They’re also up to speed with all the latest humane and organic pest control methods.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Pest control tips can go a long way toward keeping your home clean, sanitary, and safe. It’s an ongoing process though, you should keep a lookout for signs of all types of pests and take immediate action if you notice them coming back.

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