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Plumbing Inspections for Homeowners or Home Buyers in Sydney

A plumbing inspection is a must-do before purchasing a home because superficial things are something that everyone should check in detail.

However, if you need to know the exact detail of your future home, you have to go beyond just the surface. Though there are other vital things to inspect, we’ll emphasize the Plumbing system.

image - Plumbing Inspections for Homeowners or Home Buyers in Sydney
Plumbing Inspections for Homeowners or Home Buyers in Sydney

These problems enlarge, due to the buyer’s inexperience as at the time of purchase.  Off Tap Plumbing in Sydney will set every bit of the faulty pipes way better than any other plumber.

You must get a repair estimate after inspection, as it will enable you to negotiate a discount that will cover unexpected expenses with the seller.

On the other hand, if you are making some upgrades or new installations around your current house, you must remember your plumbing system. Any little disorder such as leaks or cracks can swiftly increase your utility bills.

Plumbing problems are quite easy to overlook, and some inspectors may not conduct an in-depth examination on the pipes, fixtures and drains. These inexpensive fixtures can cost a lot if overlooked.

Most importantly, few simple plumbing tips can maintain the household budget and keep the system under check to prevent future damages.

You might need to get some help from experts like local Sydney Northern Beaches plumbers, or wherever you may be living currently, but before that, here are some ideas.

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Examine Your Water Meter

Make sure you always check your water meter; it runs from outside water main line into a small metered box situated on the outside of your house, examine these areas for leaks.

Whenever the meter keeps turning and water isn’t flowing, it signifies that there’s a leakage somewhere.

Off Tap Plumbing can come over to your house and perform a complete plumbing inspection. In this process, we’ll find out the leaking point and its causes.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

In plumbing tips, one of the best ways to minimize your utility bill is to completely replace a hot water tank that has lasted over ten years.

Older models of these tanks are capable of draining your electric and gas bills each month. Search for On-demand gas water heater it saves cost a lot as you avoid keeping stored warm water.

If you can’t change the heater, consider draining it once in six months to flush impurities and increase the work performance.

Routine Toilet Inspection

Do you know that your toilet works hard to keep your home’s plumbing system flowing correctly? You don’t need to take it for granted.

Off Tap Plumbing has the expertise to check the toilet systems to reduce the cost for you. Faulty or sticky flappers can push more water to your toilets that needed.


Anywhere you see puddles of water in your basement, and it’s a visible sign of leakages. Sometimes, loosed or cracked valves can cause accumulation of water, odour-causing bacteria and mould in affected places.

Calling Off Tap Plumbing for a professional inspection can save you the cost replacing drywalls and damaged pavements.

Install Low-flow Toilets

The low-flow toilets are designed to reduce water usage per flush. Switching to these toilets are conservative ways of adjusting utility bills.

Routine Maintenance

You can’t conserve plumbing utility cost if you don’t take preventive measures and conduct regular maintenance.

Be sure you examine your pipes and water meter from time to time. Off Tap Plumbing is the go-to company for a proper check and repairs.

If You Are Buying a New Home These Additional Tips Are Life Saving!

Buy or Hire a Sewer Camera for Inspection

You can’t avoid the significant benefit of sewer camera if your proposed property falls into this category;

If the house you want to buy is an older building in an advanced neighbourhood, probably with more massive trees close to the home, you need to examine the root and pipelines with the sewer camera.

Unfortunately, where there are many trees, it cools the environment but adversely extends its roots into the sewer line in search of water and nutrients.

There’s no way you can detect the presence of tree roots without using the sewer camera.

After the inspection, you can get an estimate from Off Tap Plumbing to hydro jet and apply preventive maintenance strategies to control the growth.

Checking the Water Meter and Valves

Another good step in inspection is examining the water meter. Ensure you off all taps and faucets and check if the meter is turning consistently.

If the water meter is rolling, it means there’s a severe leakage along the pipeline.

Watch out for water stains.

Delve into the drains.

Examine the toilets.

Size up the sewage system.

Check for corrosion and rusts in various plumbing units.

Hire a Professional Inspector

Series of confusing tasks are involved in the thorough check of a plumbing system, but at Off Tap Plumbing, we conduct a detailed report that reveals authentic results.