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Plumbing Maintainance; How to Properly Clean Plumbing Pipes

In most homes, people tend to ignore the drainage system when they do regular cleaning.

Drain cleaning seems necessary when the signs of a clogged drain start to show. It is also hard to realize a problem with the drainage system since plumbing pipes are typically hidden.

image - The Following Are Some of The Ways That These Companies Use to Clean Out Plumbing Pipes
The Following Are Some of The Ways That These Companies Use to Clean Out Plumbing Pipes

Any plumbing pipe in a home could get clogged. Plumbing pipes get easily blocked through, among other things, small objects, grease, food that does not break down, and hair, which, when cut over a sink, washes away and eventually causes clogging, especially when it combines with soap.

Usually, pipes should be cleaned every eighteen to twenty-two months, although this depends on how long the pipes have been in use.

There are some of the strategies you could use to clean your plumbing pipes if you should get a clog. Even better is to hire professional HVAC and plumbing contractors.

You should not use chemical agents. Chemical agents have toxic fumes and can cause burns. Chemical agents sometimes react with the clog and dissolve it, and it could do the same to your skin.

The reaction that dissolves the clog produces heat that could soften pipes and corrode older pipes. These agents contain pollutants, and in case of a leak, these pollutants could get to the soil and contaminate the groundwater.

Repeated use of these chemical agents leaves a residue that is similar to grease and could cause clogging.

So here are some safe methods to clean out your plumbing pipes:

Bathroom Tubs 

The leading cause of clogs in bathroom tubs is toothpaste and hair. These cause debris and could make your bathtub have a foul smell.

It is also common for mold to grow in bathroom tubs. You should wear gloves and remove the clog if you can reach it.

If you can’t reach it, you can use a plumbers snake to remove the clog. Bathroom clogs can be prevented by running hot water after taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

Kitchen Drains 

If you have a clog in your kitchen sink, it is recommended to run boiling water to soften and remove the clog. If it does not loosen, you could use a plunger and add hot water for the second time.

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is also a natural way to remove clogs without damaging pipes. Clogs in the kitchen drains can be prevented by mainly keeping grease out of the kitchen.

Although it goes down the drain, grease later solidifies when it cools, causing clogging. You can also filter food out of the gutters using a wire mesh filter on top of the drain.

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You should not try to flush bulky things through the toilet as they won’t biodegrade and only get stuck in pipes.

Clogs in toilets can only be prevented by ensuring that only those things that should be flushed down the toilet being flushed.

However, suppose the clog is complex and does not melt away. In that case, you need to contact a reputable and licensed plumbing company with the workforce and necessary equipment to clean out plumbing pipes and make it hard for clogging to happen again.

The Following Are Some of The Ways That These Companies Use to Clean Out Plumbing Pipes

Hydro Jetting 

this is the process of cleaning the interior of plumbing pipes using concentrated water jets. A hydro jet has a hose with a 360-degree directional nozzle.

Hydro jetting streams can reach up to thirty-five thousand pounds per square inch. This is more than enough power to flush away all the grease, soap, mineral scale, debris, and even tree roots that could have clogged the pipes, leaving them clean as new.

Hydro jetting is chemical-free and, unlike other cleaners from the store, does not harm your pipes. It is also quicker and when done correctly. By a professional, it has long-lasting effects.

High-Definition Drain and Sewer Cameras 

This is one of the recent technological advancements in plumbing. It helps the plumber to visualize pipes and identify the problem.

It can bend and twist in the pipes, thus enabling the plumber to clean out your plumbing pipe faster than he would have if he had no visual.

Motorized Drain Snake 

these reach about one hundred and fifty feet and clear a lot larger logs than the manually operated plumber’s snake. It has a motor that rotates the coil, which drills into the clog and breaks it up.

Clean Drainage Pipes Have an Array of Benefits Such As:

  • Protects walls from damage ﹘ If mold grows on your walls, their structural integrity could be in jeopardy. Wall and flooring replacement is much more expensive than regular cleaning of drains.

Drain cleaning eliminates the worry of a clog, which in turn ensures that your walls and your flooring remain in good condition.

  • Improving the health of your family.
  • Exposure to bacteria and fungi can cause illnesses and infections. A clogging free drain prevents these organisms from growing and preventing them from spreading diseases to your family.
  • Speeds up drainage ﹘ Clean drains drain water quickly. A clean drain is not likely to overflow and cause standing water. This helps to keep the drains clear and to avoid backflow.
  • Prevents leak ﹘ Chemical deposits accumulation inside the pipes could lead to corrosion. This corrosion eventually leads to leakages in the pipes. Having your drain cleaned up regularly could extend the longevity of your pipes and prevent such leaks.
  • Prevents foul smell

The build-up of molds could lead to a foul smell. Molds thrive in a dark and damp environment which is usually the environment inside plumbing pipes.

Regular flow of water is not enough to wash away those spores. Regular, thorough cleaning prevents molds build-up, thus preventing a foul smell in the long run.

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