Vinyl material has gone its way of VCRs and disco. And, vinyl flooring has made its way in. It is experiencing a more record increase in its sales. It is also growing increasingly and popularly among homeowners.

This is also due to its unique benefits to bring. It is easy to maintain and install. It is also long-lasting as an option. It can bring about a comfortable surface for you to walk on.

image - Pointers to Consider Before Finally Buying Vinyl Flooring

Pointers to Consider Before Finally Buying Vinyl Flooring

Below are some of the pointers to consider before finally buying vinyl flooring.

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Vinyl Finishes

Three vinyl finishes are known as introduced on the market. They each bring about a beautiful result.

The first choice is the urethane finish that is a more durable option. This is heavier and this stands up to moderate foot traffic. This is, even more, resistant to scuffing.

The second choice is the vinyl no-wax finish. This is the type of material that is the lightest. This is indeed great for those areas having minimal exposure to moisture and dirt.

The third choice is the enhanced urethane finish. This is the toughest option of them all. This can best accommodate the heaviest foot traffic received.

This is also highly resistant to stains and scratches. This also lets you enjoy such a lasting luster without caring for it much.

Ease of Installation

Vinyl flooring is easier to install than the flooring material. For one, the floating vinyl sheet no longer requires staples or glue. Stick and peel vinyl can be adhered to in preparing a subfloor.

This is also installed over hardwood, plywood, and concrete. This is also installed over existing vinyl. It is just that this is not suggested for having two or more pre-existing layers.

Stain Resistance

Vinyl flooring has its wear layer that can resist spills and stains. Protection is as given by this printed vinyl sheet and tile. Composite and solid vinyl tile does not have this surface protection.

Be ready in polishing it to keep it looking like new after being exposed to stains.


It is the design options of the vinyl flooring that comes as the greatest feature. It is versatile making it a favorite among homeowners. There are so many patterns and colors of vinyl flooring.

The options are limitless. It’s up to you to combine composite and solid vinyl creating random and unique patterns.

Better yet, consider the printed vinyl material. This will enable you to create the look of hardwood or stone. And there is never a need to use natural materials.


Durability is one thing to consider before finally buying vinyl flooring. For as long as this is installed and maintained correctly, it could last for about ten to twenty years.

This is why it makes a perfect choice in most rooms that receive the most foot traffic.

One more thing is that vinyl flooring comes with a wear layer on the surface. This can best resist stains and scratches. Other vinyl products could also provide for warranties of about fifteen years.

This is true to say considering the wear layer. Just like any other flooring, the quality of the material to purchase will affect the years that it will last.

Ease of Installation

Buy vinyl flooring as it is easier to install than any other flooring material. This no longer requires staples or glue. It just involves the use of peel & stick vinyl. It can adhere to the prepared sub-flooring.

It could also be installed over hardwood, plywood, and concrete material. It could as well be installed over an existing vinyl material. It is just that it is not suggested for two or more pre-existing layers.

Keep these pointers in mind before finally buying vinyl flooring at the vinyl floor manufacturer in your location!