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3 Pool Modern Design Trends to Watch

Are you looking to get your home kitted out for summer with a new pool?

If so, then you probably want to be checking out the modern pool designs that are on-trend right now. You might not think of swimming pools as things that trend, particularly because you are likely going to keep yours for decades to come.

image - 3 Pool Modern Design Trends to Watch
3 Pool Modern Design Trends to Watch

But if you want to keep your home modern and also improve its resale value, then it’s important you take a look at the modern pool designs available right now.

So, in this article, we will take you through three key trends to watch. Let’s jump in!

Wet-Edge Pool

Otherwise known as an infinity pool, a wet-edge pool brings a sharp and slick design cue to your home.

The infinity pool design basically means that the water in your pool actually runs over the edge of it with an immediate drop-off and drainage zone.

The effect of this is that the pool appears as though there is no edge to the pool and the water just ends in mind-air.

If you are landscaping your home, you can complement this swimming pool design by giving your garden sharp and clean lines.

Think of sheer rock surfaces, pebble gardens, and dark succulent plants. Infinity pools will keep your home stylish infinitely!

Incorporated Lounge Area

Traditional swimming pools are often segregated from the rest of the yard by a fence. This is a good pool safety feature, but it can also serve to separate one of the best features of your home from your main living area.

One way to counteract this is to incorporate a lounge area in the pool area itself. This will give your landscape design a very liveable feel.

Go one step further, even, and incorporate a grill as well as an eating area. It will be your favorite area to spend time in!

Before you contract a pool builder, there are questions to ask like what sort of lifestyle you want to use your home for and what design will suit the rest of your home’s design.

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Plunge Pools

Modern pool designs don’t need to dominate your yard. In fact, you might not even have a large yard to fit a big pool.

For this situation, a plunge pool can be the perfect option. Not only does a plunge pool give you a great way of cooling off on a hot day, but it can also bring a sharp and unobtrusive design feature to your home.

This is also an excellent option if you are working with a smaller budget. You can also make it look sleeker by adding some dark wood decking and also black or dark blue or green tiling.

Modern Pool Designs Should Always Fit Your Lifestyle

You can spend a lot of money and time finding the sleekest pool design for your home. But, to be honest, the most important factor when looking at modern pool designs is choosing one that fits your and your family’s lifestyle.

Think about exactly how you use your home already and what your general lifestyle is like. Lastly, make sure the look of the pool matches the design of the rest of your home.

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