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Moving Homes? Here’s How to Move Large Delicate Items

The Vancouver area sees a massive population turnover every year. In 2017, almost 10,000 people moved away from Metro Vancouver, but another 30,000 took their place!

If you’re moving homes in the Vancouver area, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to get it all done.

Between finding a new home and packing up your belongings, you may not have a ton of time to think about the logistics of getting everything from one home to the next.

image - Moving Homes Here’s How to Move Large Delicate Items
Moving Homes Here’s How to Move Large Delicate Items

What do you do about those really big items that don’t fit into a box and certainly won’t fit in the back of your car?

Read on to find out how to safely move your large, delicate items.

Get the Right Equipment

The last thing you want to do on moving day is throw out your back trying to lift large items. You also don’t want to haphazardly move delicate pieces and find them broken when you get to your new home.

Make sure that you’re using the proper equipment to deal with these big, delicate pieces. Dollies and hand trucks can help you move tall items like bureaus and china cabinets.

When you use these tools, you can redistribute the weight of each item and avoid straining your back or pulling your muscles.

For items that are taller than they are wide–such as pianos and antique chairs or couches–you may find that sliders are a better option.

Sliders are small pieces of foam and plastic that you can stick under each leg of your large piece of furniture. The foam absorbs the weight and the plastic makes it possible to slide these pieces across the floor–no lifting required!

You can also add protection to your large items by wrapping any legs or breakable areas with packing foam and duct tape.

Tarps and blankets can prevent tearing, scratching, or denting once your large items are secured in a moving vehicle.

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Hire Experienced Professionals

In the end, you’re still going to need to find the right transportation for your large, delicate items.

The smartest way to solve this problem is to hire professionals who have experience with the types of items you’re moving, especially when those items are fragile and high in value.

Look for moving companies who can take care of all of your boxes, big and small, but that also know what to do when it’s time to move the delicate stuff.

For example, BC’s Best Move is recommended for anyone who is moving homes and bringing along pianos, antique furniture, and other items that require special care.

Moving Homes Is Simple with the Right Help

Moving homes is a common feat in the Vancouver area and our local moving companies see a lot of action every year.

If you need to move large, delicate items, make sure that you protect yourself and your prized possessions by using the proper equipment and hiring experienced professionals.

Are you ready to set up your new home once you’ve arrived and unpacked? Take a look around our website for tips and tricks to boost your interior design and home improvement projects.