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Pressure Washing Versus Power Washing

Just like many other related home maintenance activities, pressure washing and power washing, as two terms, are constantly used interchangeably even by professional washers who have been on the job for quite long.

And whether you want to get ahead of the confusion today to know which is which or are considering a face-lift for your space but don’t know which of the two similar cleaning choices to go for, you’re in the right place.

image - Pressure Washing Versus Power Washing
Pressure Washing Versus Power Washing

Right here, I will explain pressure washing, power washing, the difference between them, and how to decide the right one for your makeover.

Shall we? Meanwhile, for your professional pressure washing for gutter cleaning, I recommend gutter cleaning from Chris’s Pressure Washing.

What’s Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a washing procedure whereby a pressure-washing system operated by an expert is used to shoot jets of water at sticky messes for easy and faster removal.

The machine operator adjusts the pressure of the system to crank the perfect force that knocks out the messes from the dirty surface without causing damage. On the other hand…

What’s Power Washing?

Like I mentioned in the introduction part, power washing is similar to pressure washing.

However, the only difference is that power washing utilizes heated water to remove the more stubborn stains like sticky chewed gums. Eh. But this doesn’t mean that a pressure washing machine can be used as a power washer.

Introducing heated water in the tank of a pressure washer can warp it or cause even more damage. Another thing is, most power washers have built-in heaters that heat the water on the fly as you wash.

So, how do you know which of the two to go for?


First, let me show you where each of them excels.

Best Uses for Pressure Washer

The high-pressure water spray from pressure sprayers allows them to more efficiently remove stubborn molds, mildew, grime, mud, dust, and grime from;

  • All kinds of vehicles;

Old, dirty vehicles that have been abandoned for years or months can be easily made clean with a pressure washer. People who work in auto-repair stores should opt for pressure washers.

  • Public space;

If you own a stadium, an open parking garage, or a relaxation center, power-washing is the best cleaning option for you. It’s more budget-wise and an effective cleaning solution where you have to deal with all kinds of stains.

  • Exterior facilities;

Whether at home or at work, your patios, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways can be washed best with a pressure washer.

So, what about a power washer?

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Best Uses for Power Washer

Power washers are more powerful and tougher on stains than pressure washers but they pose damages to some materials. So, you want to be careful. The places where you shouldn’t use power washers are on materials that can warp on contact with hot water.

Your laminated floors and your external plastic wall decals for a start. Also, avoid using power washers on painted, stained, or tinted surfaces that can peel easily.

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