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7 Pro Tips for A Quick House Sell

Selling your house quickly isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible thing to do. All you need is to do your best to grab your buyer’s attention by making your property stand out from the other houses for sale.

image - 7 Pro Tips for A Quick House Sell
7 Pro Tips for A Quick House Sell

If you’re confused with the available options and don’t know where to get started, you can achieve a quick house sell through the following tips:

1. Think Like a Buyer

Cleaning your house for showings is common sense. However, some people underestimate just how clean it should be.

Keep in mind that your house doesn’t only require a weekend tidy-up type of cleaning. Think of it as spring cleaning and consider what buyers think. Therefore, even the smallest of details may break the deal. If you don’t want that to happen, you need to clean everything from window blinds and ceiling fans to tile grout and baseboards.

2. Light It Up

When showcasing your home to potential buyers, consider lighting. Lighting makes rooms feel welcoming, warm, and easy on the eyes.

Lighting can also play a vital role when taking pictures of every corner of your home for listing purposes. So, switch to yellow bulbs for lights and think of updating your light fixtures when they’re old and outdated. Once you leave for showing, always open your window blinds and curtains. Plus, don’t forget to turn the lights on.

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3. Hire Professional Videographer or Photographer

Many home buyers start searching for a property online. It means that you should have quality images that highlight the selling points and best features of your home to get it sold immediately.

After staging your home, improving your property’s curb appeal, and making upgrades, hire a professional videographer or photographer to take quality images in the best lighting. Such images will help you attract buyers and urge them to request a tour of your house and participate in open houses.

When looking for a professional photographer or videographer, make sure that they have experience in real estate photography. This way, you can be assured that they’ll capture the areas that will make your home stand out.

4. Prepare The Paperwork

If you want a quick home sale, you must respond to any requests for paperwork or information right away. Before putting your property on the market, prepare your paperwork so that you can show them to your potential buyers in case they need proof of documents.

Once you collect the necessary paperwork early, you can be assured that the process of selling your home is much faster.

5. Check Your Curb Appeal

Your home should look inviting from the outside. Buyers may only step inside if they like your home exterior. For this reason, you should ensure that your exterior is well-painted and your yard is clean. If you have a lawn, don’t forget to mow the grass. You might also want to arrange flower planters on the outside to improve your home’s curb appeal.

6. Make Small Upgrades

Most homeowners have some minor projects in their houses that they’ve been meaning to do forever but don’t have time. If you’re one of them, it might be the right time to start with those things. For instance, you can tighten up loose door handles, patch up the holes in the walls, repair leaking faucets, and improve your door hinges.

If you’re not the type of person who does the job on their own, it’s wise to hire a professional handyman for the upgrades you have in mind. Just make sure not to go overboard on major renovations because chances are you might not get your investment back.

So, instead of focusing on major home improvements, pay attention to small upgrades, especially in the bathroom and kitchen, where you’re likely to see a good return on investment. If you don’t know what upgrades to consider, don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions from professionals or search for ideas online.

7. Choose Your Solicitor and Real Estate Agent Wisely

image - Choose Your Solicitor and Real Estate Agent Wisely

Your choice of solicitor and real estate agent has the potential to have a big impact on how fast your house can get sold. The best real estate agents can help you price your house right. So, if you like to attract quick offers, you have to ensure your estate agents are responsive and proactive to inquiries from potential buyers.

When you’ve accepted offers on your property, your solicitor may take over managing the sale through to completion. A good solicitor may keep everything moving forward and chase every party involved to ensure the sale completes quickly.

Wrapping Up

Every house is different. Before spending a dime to freshen up your home, consider the above tips to sell your house quickly. By working with a professional and maximizing your home’s appeal, you can be assured that you’ll get the top dollar for your property without spending a lot of money on upgrades.