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Proper Flooring Care & Maintenance Guide

As the old proverb goes, an ounce of prevention is equivalent to a pound of healing. Apply this theory to your floor as well. Proper flooring maintenance and cleaning will add years to your floor, at the same time a more refined look.

image - Proper Flooring Care & Maintenance Guide
Proper Flooring Care & Maintenance Guide

Meanwhile, you can avoid spending unnecessary floor replacement costs.

Some smart cleaning solutions will help you to learn how to care for your floor. Remember, proper care will value the investment you have made in your home.

Here we go,

General Cleaning Tips for Floor

A floor looks stunning while they are pristine. But if they are damaged, they can lose your entire home appearance. By maintaining the following tips, you can enjoy the beauty of your linoleum floor.

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Frequently Cleaning

  • Dry Mop or Broom:

Use a dry microfiber mop for linoleum floor especially and other floors as well to wipe up dust on daily basis. You don’t need to be meticulous for this, but it’ll help you to prevent the dirt caking on your stunning floor.

  • Vacuum or Sweep:

Depending on the traffic and floor surface, you can vacuum or sweep once a week. Don’t forget to clean under the furniture, corners, and other spots where dirt could gather. Most importantly, choose a vacuum with soft attachment and low –setting. This is useful for remove dirt, debris effectively and quickly. Even it’s a great alternative while you have a difficult time due to back or knee pain or in a rush.

Note: Don’t use any vacuum attachment designed for carpets use. They come with rollers and bars which will damage the top layer of the floor surface.

  • Wet Mopping:

Using your preferred cleaner or DIY mix to wet mop the floor weekly. A flash speed mop would definitely do the trick. Before that be sure you vacuum or sweep the floor. For effective cleaning, can create a mixer of lukewarm water with white vinegar. Fill it in a spray bottle or a bucket so that you can go along to use it.

Spot Cleaning

To avoid stubborn stains, clean that as soon as possible. Create baking soda paste and apply it to the problem area. Leave it to stand for 15 minutes after that, thoroughly rinse and dry the area.

Note: It’s not like that; baking soda paste is the only solution. You can add your own choice or any cleaner that is recommended for your floor. But Try to avoid acid-based products. They can discolor at the same time damage your floor while.

Deep Cleaning

Depending on the people gather your house, you might need deep cleaning weekly or monthly. However, opinion varies on how you go about it. A weekly vacuum and mopping will count.

Adding spot cleaning with these will keep your floor tip-top shape. Rather than if you feel it’s time for deep cleaning, you can go with it. There are few ways you can do so,

  • Steam Mops:

Use this high-tech product to remove tough stains and grease from your floor surface. It’s very popular among families with babies to crawl on and young children. To spread a fresh scent on the home as clean, add some chemical products on the mop. Even you can steam mop your floor once a week.

  • Spin Mops:

A spin mop can revive the dull floor using just a minimal effort. Mix some floor cleaner and thoroughly clean it. To get the extra shine to add a cup of white vinegar. If you want something more, a high-tech scrubber can do the job.

Note: Don’t need to polish or shine your floor. Even that if you want to try, apply the same method as a cleaner. Don’t strip floors using any hand tool like a socket set. It can break down your floor.

Tips for Floor Care and Maintenance

While your floor in tip-top shape, it’ll offer you satisfaction in the coming years. Using some common-sense precautions will enhance its performance, giving you years of enjoyment. Here are some maintenance tips,

Place Doormats at Entryway

Use quality doormats at every entrance will prevent sand, grit, dirt, and other substance like driveway sealer, asphalt, and oil from coming onto your floor. If you want less staining from asphalt, we recommend you use a latex-based driveway sealer.

Use Place Protective Pads

Never try to roll or slide heavy furniture across the floor without proper protection. Investing in furniture pads can be a great option when you intended to move furniture. Also, you can use a dolly with large-base air tires to move heavy furniture or appliances.

Close Blinds or Curtains

Extreme sunlight can affect badly the floor. So, close your blinds or curtains where necessary. A combination of sunlight and heat causes most surfaces including vinyl, engineered stone, and other solid floors discolor or fade.

Support Furniture with Floor Protectors

Using wide-baring, non-staining protectors to remove dents and crush on floors. A common rule of thumb is the heavier the items, the wider the floor protector required. Make sure the floor protectors which are made of metal are rustproof and plastic one made of non-pigmented hard plastic.

Careful about Pet

If you have a pet in your house, trim their nails, and keep them short. It’ll lessen the damage ratio.

The Takeaway

Keeping your floor in great shape doesn’t require being laborious if you know the correct method. It’s a matter of choosing the right cleaning tool and knowing how to use them.

A well-maintained floor can last for decades and increase presentational value to your home. Just provide proper flooring care and maintenance, and then, cleaning is near than effortless.