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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Demolishing an existing structure and rebuilding an entire thing anew takes a lot of guts and courage. Redoing a kitchen design isn’t an exception. There is always the fear of going wrong and repenting later on.

Moreover, most of us have the tendency to compare it with the previous structure to judge the perfectness of the present one. But then a remodeling, a change becomes necessary after some years.

image - Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project
Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before Starting Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Hence before indulging, one needs to be knowledgeable about many things that are also right from the contractor herself or himself.

These are the five most fundamental questions that you need to ask before you start on the project.

What Type of Contractors are They?

Contractors can either be “fixed price” or “cost-plus.” In the former, before the process of kitchen remodeling begins, a fixed expense cost is handed over to you so that you get to figure out the whole thing in front of you. Hence this is said to be the more beneficial way.

The latter one is where you’re to be paying for all the materials and items needed with your own choice; they will only charge for the construction work.

What happens here is that you never get to see the whole picture of the finance needed, and many a time, the budget gets overdone.

Also, don’t forget to make sure that the contractor and each and every subworker is insured, along with you being referred to as additionally insured.

It is always advisable to keep a certificate of their insurance with you just in case you need it for the future.

Does the Artistry and Also the Items Used Have A Brand Warranty?

The next important question you need to ask is whether they’re offering you a basic warranty, especially the warranty on the craftsmanship

Many contractors leave out on this, and later the client gets to suffer also, some might even inform you that there is nothing as work guarantee.

In such cases, negate the option. Along with this, check the supplier of your contractor and ask the brand they’re using on your items like the tiles, furniture, pipes, lights, etc. and ensure that they’re offering you the right brand warranty.

If you, by chance, notice that they aren’t using known brands, ask them to do so, for in acclaimed brands they anyways give you a minimum warranty of one year.

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How Will the Entire Process Work, Along with Payment?

As a client, you need to have the information of everything so that it becomes easy for you to rectify mistakes beforehand. Prior to starting the physical work, ask them about the run-through of the process.

They should give proper planning like, for instance, beginning from demolishing and clearing out the trash to plumbing to electrical work to attaching appliances and others to framing, etc. And each of these should be supported with an average costing so that you get to negotiate.

Also, once you approve the plan, ask them how much needs to be paid upfront and how do you continue the paying process, whether you’ll have to pay in cash or online, etc.

Ask out everything so that you can avoid future confusion.

image - How Will the Entire Process Work, Along with Payment

Who is Will Be Selecting the Design?

Design is the basic backbone of remodeling; after all, you’re basically redesigning. Hence you need to take special care of your design. Kitchen design franklin suggests enquiring about who is going to draw the structure of your kitchen.

Whether it will be done locally by them or whether it is going to be handed over to a more specialized sub-company who’s well known in this field.

And whenever a design is put forth, get to know why they’re insisting on this particular design what are the advantages and the disadvantages.

Documentation is of utmost importance. Ask them to bring all designs in their final forms, especially a picture of it done in some other projects and all.

Because in case something goes wrong, you have the proof of what you approved.

Which Is the Best Way to Establish Communication?

Lastly, make sure about the contact procedures. Without talking and discussion, kitchen remodeling cannot happen, and for that, you will need proper communication.

It might so happen that the main contractor will visit seldom and the work will be carried out mainly by sub workers, in such case either get hold of an authentic contact number or numbers if possible of the contractor or arrange for a weekly meet or ask them for their email ids and all so that in need you don’t feel helpless.


At the start of the process, you will realize you’re asking questions and questions, which is totally alright, but these basic five questions should be asked before beginning with the endeavor.

The answers will help you turn your remodeling into a beautiful thing.

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