Here are the Hottest Fall Kitchen Remodeling Trends — Whether you like a juicy steak or if a fine vegan dish is more to your preference, we all can agree that our kitchen is a common interest. The kitchen is the second popular home remodeling project, right after bathroom remodeling, with 79% of homeowners choosing to remodel their kitchen before any other part of the home. With the help of a licensed and reputable company, a kitchen remodel will not only refresh your home but increase its resell value.

Hottest Fall Kitchen Remodeling Trends

In the text below you will find some useful info on how to stay up to date and follow trends for fall.

Modern Kitchen Remodel Design - Fall Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Modern Kitchen Remodel Design (Fall Kitchen Remodeling Trends)

You Need a Straight-Forward Upgrade? A New Countertop Has You Covered!

One of the first things you notice when you enter the kitchen is a countertop. It is the main working space we use on a daily basis. The latest research suggests that 95% of homeowners see countertops as one of the first things they want to change when they choose to remodel.

This season designers are leaning toward quartz countertops. It is one of the most elegant and practical materials as it looks pretty, stylish and is highly durable. Non-porous and non-staining properties guarantee a long-lasting quality and ease of access.

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Custom Storage if You Want More Space!

The whole idea behind custom storage is improving the quality of time you spend in a kitchen. Better organized space, especially in smaller kitchens, means more time and a chance to have fun cooking instead of being frustrated by limitations. The main focus is accessibility and organization.

This season designers are making way for custom-built, functional and user-friendly storage units where convenience and efficiency are the main focus leading to more functional and cleaner working space.

Eco-Friendly Focus

As in many other aspects of life, environmental awareness and resource efficient designs are an essential and an integral part of every modern kitchen. Homeowners are looking for ways to improve their cooking experience and working space by using energy- and water-saving appliances like dishwashers and cooktops.

Technology is Your Friend

The latest technological kitchen advancements are all about being as economic and efficient with our time needed to prepare the food as possible. Homeowners are looking for tools and gadgets to make sure their cooking is as easy and as practical as possible. Items like automatic smart ovens, refrigerators with touch screens, apps which let you remotely control the kitchen with your smartphone, etc.

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Contemporary is the Way to Go

You can update the appearance of your kitchen by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors are still the favorite among homeowners, but splashes of color and bright metals are paving their way into the most popular fall remodeling trends. We want to make a unique, comfortable and cozy space while also integrating contemporary or transitional styles.

If you are looking for a warmer and more rustic feel, farmhouse shiplap is probably your best choice. It is a breath of fresh air compared to dull subway tile choices of the past. You need to be creative with the shape of your tiles and add what makes you unique to your kitchen.

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