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Quick Tips on How to Safely Handle Pallets

Pallets are quite important for most businesses since they are necessary for storing and shipping products. If these pallets aren’t used properly, they can easily cause injury and be quite dangerous.

So, if you want to make sure that your employees remain safe and your pallets remain in good condition, pay attention to the following tips.

image - Quick Tips on How to Safely Handle Pallets
Quick Tips on How to Safely Handle Pallets

Avoid using any pallets that are damaged or rotted. These pallets are very dangerous since your products can easily fall or shift. This not only endangers your product but also your employees. So, make sure that you regularly check your pallets for damage. Click here for good-quality recycled pallets.

Avoid lifting employees with your pallets. Whenever you have to lift employees, only use platforms that are meant for humans. Now, there are many pallets that can easily hold more than 4000 pounds which is much more than a human being. However, the weight is meant to be distributed evenly which is not like the feet of humans.

So, in the event that you’re physically moving a pallet, make sure that you’re careful with your body’s position. It is best that the pallets are moved using machines or forklifts.

With that said, there may be specific situations where a pallet may need to be physically moved by workers. Keep in mind that a single pallet can weigh more than 40 lbs and they need to be handled carefully. Make sure that your back is straight and you use your legs to lift.

You should only enter pallets with a forklift and very carefully. If you are using a power jack or forklift to place a load, ensure that you do so carefully and squarely. Keep in mind that if you’re moving under the pallet, this may cause it to move forward and into another person or product.

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You should never stack pallets more than 4 feet high or more than the length of the bottom pallet. If you do so, then this can cause your products to get damaged as well as employees.

You should also use shrink wrap to wrap the load to reduce the chances of accidents. The pallets should always be neatly packed so that the stacks are strong and stable.

Always wear PPE or personal protective equipment. This includes clothing such as high visibility vests, steel tip boots, gloves, and more once you need to handle pallets. When you wear these types of clothes, it will go a long way in preventing injury, trips, falls, slips, etc.

Your workspace should be regularly cleaned. When there is debris from broken pallets, this is very dangerous. It can easily cause injury to workers and puncture them if they slip or trip and fall. Make sure the work area is regularly cleaned to prevent this.

It is very important that you know how to work with pallets to ensure all employees and products are safe. Once you inspect your pallets regularly, clean the work area and wear PPE, this will go a long way in preventing injury and preserving products.