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Raccoons: Why they are Pests, and How You Can Deal with Them

Raccoons are one of several wildlife pests that cause damage to your home. They not only wreak havoc, but they also spread diseases and make a mess.

If you’re having raccoon problems, approach a pest control company specializing in Raccoon Removal.

image - Raccoons: Why they are Pests, and How You Can Deal with Them
Raccoons: Why they are Pests, and How You Can Deal with Them

Raccoons’ Characteristics

The raccoon is a nocturnal creature, meaning it spends most of its time searching for food at night. As a result, many people find their rubbish littered all over their front yard when they wake up every morning.

Raccoons prefer woodland locations near water sources because that is their natural habitat, although they have adapted to the urban jungle quite well.

Rather than nesting in a tree, they prefer to make their home in easily accessible locations, such as attics, chimneys, basements, etc.

Since raccoons are nocturnal, you may not realize you have had a raccoon problem for a long time. If a raccoon has forced its way into your home, though, it won’t be long until you hear them scurrying around over your head. It would be wise to approach an expert raccoon and pest control firm at this stage.

Raccoon’s Destructive Behavior

It may be difficult to grasp how a raccoon may gain access to your attic, but low dangling or nearby branches allow simple access.

Raccoons are persistent pests; therefore, anything exposed or detachable, such as chimneys, roof vents, shingles, or fascia boards, might provide an entry point inside your property.

Because of the warmth they give and the abundance of items available to make a nest, raccoons perceive attics to be an ideal place to raise their young.

They’ll shred attic insulation off the walls, eat away electrical wires, and ruin air ducts. They’ll use your attic as a toilet, causing excrement to pile up and urine to trickle down into your home.

Raccoons will even reproduce in your attic if given a chance; thus, rapid detection and eradication of raccoons are critical.

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Raccoons are Carriers of Diseases and Parasites That can be Fatal

The infections that raccoons carry necessitate their elimination. Rabies is the most prevalent disease. Rabies is a disease with a 100% fatality rate caused by the neurotrophic rabies virus, spread through bites and carried in saliva.

Raccoons also harbor roundworms and can be spotted in their feces. Roundworm eggs are disinfectant-resistant and can adhere to a variety of surfaces. Professional pest management is the best option because these eggs are exceedingly tough to eradicate.

Human exposure to raccoon-borne illnesses and parasites necessitates prompt medical attention.

Raccoon Removal by a Pest Control Professional:

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage, but calling a professional can make an enormous difference as soon as you suspect raccoons. Some professionals will provide raccoon eradication, remediation, clean-up services, and repairs for the rodents’ damages.

Professional pest control experts will not only repair the damage, but they will also take steps to prevent raccoons and other large pests from infiltrating your home in the future.

It’s crucial to search around to locate a competent pest control firm specializing in Raccoon removal, as each pest control company may specialize in various kinds of pests.

Some companies provide a complete package for exclusion, decontamination, trapping, damage restoration, and prevention services. It’s also crucial to choose a professional who handles raccoons responsibly and humanely during the removal process.

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