This pandemic era has changed almost every part of our life. Where we used to go to work before and socialize a lot, these days we are forced to stay at home and keep a distance from people.

However, staying at home and doing WFH is not a cakewalk, especially if you’ve children or multiple members at home. So, in that case, you can make a beautiful garden office and keep most of the distractions away.

image - 5 Reasons Why Garden Pods are Perfect Work from Home

5 Reasons Why Garden Pods are Perfect Work from Home

Here, we are going to talk about ‘what are garden pods‘ and how you can use them to make your work-from-home life better.

Garden Pods Help You Avoid Distractions

Undoubtedly, the worst thing about working from home is distractions. For example, your brother is listening to Linkin Park on a high-end Bluetooth speaker; your neighbors are fighting, children crying, etc., etc.

But when you are working in your garden where there are lots of trees and green grasses, you naturally feel more relaxed and focused.

Your garden is probably the most peaceful place on your entire property. That’s why finding a small spot where you can perfectly fit in your garden is the most desired place for WFH.

A Better Professional and Personal Life Balance

When you are working from your garden pods, you will notice that there is a better balance in your professional and personal life. The soothing nature and natural light is not only a healthy combination but also it does not let you feel like you are working.

It feels as though you are enjoying your own time in nature doing some necessary tasks that you had to do anyway.

Working from your home garden reduces stress and induces relaxation at the same time, it gives you lots of calming effects so that you can be more productive. And simultaneously, you will be able to spend time with your family more often.

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Garden Pods are Cost-Effective

Constructing a garden pod is a very affordable option that lasts for a long time. Moreover, constructing garden pods is cheaper than extending your home or property.

Building a room in your house costs more than constructing a beautiful garden pod. You can create your own design, accessorize it, and decorate the pods within your budget but a room generally costs more than that.

Also, a well-designed and lovely garden-pod can increase your property value. You can build a garden office tomorrow with the right planning and a low budget. Building a garden office does not take much time if you already have planned for it.

Your garden office needs to be 1m from your property so that you can get the development permission from the mayor of your town. The height of your garden office can be 2.5m so that it looks perfect and serves its purpose.


If there is a special garden room where you go to work, you achieve a new type of orderliness in your professional life.

You can organize a garden office as per your professional comfort, with bookshelves, drawers, a laptop table, couch, table lamp, a nice comfortable chair, and anything to build a great atmosphere for working.

It certainly helps you keep your office organized and healthy as well. You can keep some indoor plants in the office as well to make sure the green is at its fullest.

Garden Pods Provide Numerous Health Benefits

Garden pods are extremely healthy when it comes to our body and mind. A small and lovely garden pod is much more beneficial than bricks or wooden walls.

The reason is they are placed in the middle of greenery from where you are able to listen to the chirping of birds, see the cloud, feel the natural air and light.

Though working in a garden office in the middle of a summer day can be exhausting if you don’t have enough long trees, they can also be very peaceful during the evening or afternoon.

If you are planning to build a nice garden office, you have made a great decision. Hopefully, these 5 reasons will motivate you even more to take your steps. For more tips, stay connected and keep sharing your opinion regarding our guides in the below box.