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Reasons to Hire AC Repair Services in Huntertown, IN

A staggering ninety percent of the population in the USA relies on some sort of air conditioning to survive the summer months. Indiana residents are no exception.

Following a dormant period, air conditioners might show certain problems right at the onset of summer. Therefore, homeowners are motivated to fix even the most insignificant issues and inspect their units after the dormant period is over.

image - Reasons to Hire AC Repair Services in Huntertown, IN
Reasons to Hire AC Repair Services in Huntertown, IN

There’s a variety of defects that cause malfunctions in ACs.

These are the most common scenarios when Huntertown residents should hire AC repair services.

Ac Running Constantly

Although it’s normal for air-conditioning units to run often when the weather it’s hot, they should still switch off at intervals. If your unit doesn’t turn off, you should contact an AC repairman to figure out the core of the issue. Unless it starts working normally, your air conditioner will cause harm to essential components and increase the cost of energy bills.

The exact cause of this problem is best identified by professionals, as it might include malfunction of the compressor, thermostat, electrical parts, or filters. Prior to consulting a professional, you should switch off the thermostat fan to check whether the unit will shut off. If this doesn’t seem to be the case, you should hire AC repair services to pinpoint the issue quickly.

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The Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

A valid reason for Huntertown residents to hire air-conditioning repair services is when their units refuse to turn on. There are multiple causes of this problem, such as thermostat issues, a tripped breaker, an unplugged condenser unit, a blown fuse, a clogged drain line, etc.

The thermostat is a means of communication between homeowners and air conditioners. If the thermostat shows a blank display, you should try to turn it on. Unless it restores operation after its batteries are replaced, perhaps it should be replaced with a new one. This device gives a command to the unit to start working.

image - The Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

A tripped circuit breaker might be another cause of such malfunction, happening when too many appliances are used at the same time or during a power surge. In case the AC switch fails to switch back on, you need to hire professional assistance. Find out how to reset a tripped breaker.

An unplugged condenser unit might prevent your air conditioner from turning on. There should be a brown cord connecting the AC with a panel located on the side of your house. The wires can be unplugged or chewed, which impedes the electricity airflow to your air conditioner.

Wiring issues shouldn’t be resolved on your own but left to certified professionals to handle. They have special diagnostic equipment to diagnose electrical issues.

Ac Is Blowing Hot Air

Residents of Huntertown, Texas, are advised to contact AC professionals when their units blow hot instead of cold air. Just imagine feeling hot and sweating indoors on a blazing summer day, as your unit fails to produce cold air. Hot air coming out of the air conditioner might be an indicator of a dirty filter, obstructed ducts, debris accumulation, or low refrigerant levels.

In the event of debris accumulation, debris is likely to cause the compressor to overheat. It’s of the utmost importance for dirty filters to be replaced every month and duct cleaning to be performed once annually. If refrigerant levels are low, refrain from adding Freon without consulting a professional. The system should be inspected for leaks so as not to add refrigerant for no good reason.

image - Ac Is Blowing Hot Air

Water Leaks

Water leaks in air conditioners can occur both indoors and outdoors. Indoor water leaks are too obvious, as water will be pouring down the walls. In such a case, maintenance is overdue. The condensate drain might be clogged due to mold and algae, causing the water to go back up the pipe and flow into your home.

A more serious concern would be a broken-down condensate pump, which requires a complete replacement.

The solution to an indoor water leak should be provided by a technician. Condensate pipes are unclogged with the assistance of a wet/dry vacuum. Outdoor leaks are common as well, especially on boiling summer days. These appear in the form of water puddles just below the compressor. Such puddles might be created because of a broken condensate pad, a dry filter, bad installation, etc. In both leak scenarios, professional AC services are recommended.

Weird Smells

Another reason for Huntertown residents to hire AC repair services is when sensing strange smells coming from the system. The majority of heating and cooling companies, like https://www.fireandicehvac.us, offer repair services in and around Huntertown.

The most common odors noticed by homeowners are a burning smell and a musty smell originating from the vents or when standing close to the unit.

A burning odor is usually caused by wiring issues of the motor or clogged filters. Believe it or not, clogged filters have the potential to overheat the system and result in a burning smell. Conversely, a musty smell appears due to improper drainage and mold growth.

Also, some homeowners might feel a gas smell, which indicates a methyl mercaptan leak that’s extremely dangerous. Regardless of the type of smell, you sense, hiring professional services is the right move to make.

Ac Producing Unusual Noises

While air conditioners are bound to make certain noises, these sounds aren’t supposed to be loud. Different noises indicate specific problems in the form of squealing, grinding, clicking, bubbling, etc.

For instance, a squealing noise is usually triggered by a deteriorated or improperly aligned belt. Conversely, a grinding noise points toward a more severe issue, such as motor failure.

Moreover, a clicking noise may indicate two potential problems, either AC fan obstruction or a capacitator problem. When there’s a refrigerant leak or excessive moisture inside the device, ACs tend to produce a bubbling noise.

Final Thoughts

Whenever you notice any of these signs, don’t delay your call to an AC professional.

The sooner you fix the problem, the better!