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5 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Festoon Lights to Set the Mood

The spring and summer evenings are perfect to enjoy the outdoor dinner, barbeque, or family get-togethers.

While there are a number of options for outdoor lighting, the most popular and trendy one is the “Festoon lights” – especially if it’s a festive season!

But what is so special about these light bulb garlands that make these light strings people’s first choice for outdoor lighting?

image - 5 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Festoon Lights to Set the Mood
5 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Festoon Lights to Set the Mood

For starters, festoon lights look incredibly beautiful and charming. However, that’s just not everything why people love these shiny lights to decorate their outdoors.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be getting festoon lights for your next outdoor event.

1. Affordable

No doubt there is a bunch of other lighting options when it comes to outdoor lighting. However, most of these are quite expensive.

On the other hand, Festoon light garlands are very affordable in fact cheaper than most lighting options.

With a bunch of festoon strings, you can create the perfect venue for your celebrations and festivities.

You can buy beautiful festoon light bulbs from Australian supplier of commercial festoon lights based in Sydney at affordable prices.

2. Easy to Install

Unlike the many fancy outdoor lighting options, festoon lights do not require long and complicated installation services.

Whether you want to install them permanently or temporarily, these fancies, decoration lights are very easy and simple to install. There is absolutely no need for drilling or nailing etc.

3. Eco-friendly & Water Resistant

One thing that is so attractive about festoon lights is that they don’t harm or affect the environment in any way. The use of LED Edison bulbs ensures that these festoon lights are eco-friendly.

Furthermore, as festoon lights are mostly used outdoors, therefore, these lights are manufactured to ensure weather especially water resistance.

You can hang and light them even under an open sky – or when it’s raining without worrying about the fuse-out bulbs.

4. Style & Elegance

If you are someone who wants to make their evening gatherings perfect, filled with positive ambiance, calmness and charm then Festoon lights are the best options.

These lights create the perfect atmosphere that is no too much and loved by everyone.

Festoon lights are a symbol of pure elegance without compromising the style. It is one of the major reasons why these lights are trending these days.

5. Perfect Brightness With Power Saving

Well, if you want to add brightness and light to your dull and boring outdoor space, then festoon lights can do the job.

These light Edison bulb strings perfectly light up and brighten up the outdoor space without any inconvenience. But that’s just not all!

Festoon lights are easy on electricity/power consumption. It means, even though these light bulbs shine the brightest when turned on, they’ll not increase your electricity bills.

And that’s why people choose festoon lights for almost every occasion.

Festoon Lights Are Perfect For Everywhere!

Whether you are planning a surprise birthday party for your loved ones, or it’s just a family gathering or some festive event – Festoon lights are the ideal choice!

These little bulb strings not just light up space but also give a new look. Be it indoor or outdoor, festoon lights create the perfect atmosphere.

However, based on indoor/outdoor, space or area, you might need to add more/less festoon light bulb strings. Usually, festoon light strings consist of 10 or 20 bulbs.

And if your outdoor doesn’t have enough lighting of its own – you might need 3 to 5 strings of festoon lights to brighten up space.

Although festoon lights are the ideal lighting option for indoor and outdoor lighting – it is important to select the right number of strings depending upon where you need them.

You can also get creative and try out different styles with festoon lights to decorate your outdoor space. Just follow your heart and instincts!

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