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Ways to Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

If you’ve recently moved into a new rental property, or have bought your own home lately, you’re probably considering how you can make space feel more homey or larger. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve been in the same house for a while now and are looking for ways to get a fresh look and feel in the property.

Ways to Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune
Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Ways to Redecorate Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Thankfully, even if you’re on a tight budget, there are steps you can take to get your home styled in a way that feels right to you. Read on for some tips to follow to redecorate your home in 2019 without having to spend a fortune.

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Get Style Ideas on the Cheap

While people with unlimited bank accounts tend to hire interior designers, decorators or other experts to help them revamp the look of their home with flair, you can get plenty of wonderful ideas and tips without going to this expense.

These days, with so many excellent interior design blogs, magazines, books and videos available, you really don’t have to search far to get the latest sources of inspiration from around the globe.

Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest are also invaluable for those planning to redecorate. Keep track of your ideas by saving pages online or in apps like Evernote, or by filling notebooks with printouts, doodles and more.

Opt for Affordable Art

The artwork is another area where you can save cash. Instead of paying out the nose for lovely but costly works of art, why not opt for affordable art you either make yourself or purchase?

If you have the ability and interest yourself, create your own masterpieces to hang on the wall. If you’re inexperienced in this area but eager to learn, grab a book from your local library or watch YouTube videos, and read blogs for suggestions on how to make interesting-looking art on a budget. And if you paint on canvas and get this stretched, you won’t even have to worry about expensive frames, either (although there are also low-cost frames available).

If you’re not up to getting creative yourself, you can still buy good-looking artwork for a fraction of the price of those found in galleries by checking out works by emerging artists. There are numerous e-commerce stores selling affordable art now, or you can shop at local markets, support an art student or even pick up second-hand pieces in good condition from thrift shops or via sites like Facebook or Craigslist.

Save Money on Furniture and Other Pieces

When redecorating a home, it’s easy to get carried away buying new furniture, soft furnishings, and other accessories. To avoid this scenario, look for creative ways to save money yet still pick up new items.

For example, with some research and careful shopping, you can often source affordable products that are heavily discounted at stores. Buy items that are the last of their type and therefore on sale, or pay less for floor stock pieces. Keep an eye out for stores having End of Financial Year or Black Monday sales, and consider joining loyalty clubs and store newsletters to be alerted to great deals.

Sometimes you can also get discounts by buying flat-pack furniture, which you have to assemble yourself. If this is something you hate doing you can pay a minimal fee to specialists in this area; simply Google furniture assembly in Washington or L.A. or Texas or wherever you may be located to find qualified contractors.

Another way to save money is to opt for secondhand goods. Accept hand-me-downs from your family members or friends, or buy at garage sales, thrift shops and via online sites. Some pieces may need to receive a little TLC, such as a coat of paint, new handles or reupholstering, but this can still work out to be cheaper than buying brand new.

Complete Small Updates With Big Impact

Lastly, take a look around your home and see if you can work out ways to complete small updates that won’t cost you much at all but which will have a big impact on the overall result. As an example, painting the walls and ceilings in rooms you want to brighten up can make a huge difference and even mean you don’t need to do as much as expected to tired-looking rooms.

Small Updates With Big Impact
Small Updates With Big Impact

You can make other small changes, too, such as putting new door handles or drawer pulls in your kitchen and/or bathroom; changing older-style lighting for something more modern; or re-tiling splashbacks. Even just adding a bunch of affordable accessories can be enough to bring pizazz to rooms. For instance, buy new cushion covers or curtains, or display lovely collections of free items you find in nature, such as driftwood, shells, pretty branches and the like.

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