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The Best Home Transformations You Can Do in a Week

A top-to-bottom home makeover can last a solid three to nine months. And during that long, drawn-out process, you’re all but living in a construction zone.

Plastic sheets draped over sofas and armchairs.

A kitchen that doubles as a makeshift linen closet.

image - The Best Home Transformations You Can Do in a Week
The Best Home Transformations You Can Do in a Week

Confining the entire family and social gatherings to just one or two downstairs rooms.

But the mental hassle — and $20,000+ price tag — may not even be necessary to truly “remodel” your home. There’s no need to gut the kitchen or bulldoze random walls.

Here are the seven best home transformations you can do in a week without breaking the bank or living out of a suitcase for half a year.

Re-Color the Entire Exterior

Some ten years ago, your home’s freshly painted exterior made your neighbors envious and you the talk of the town. But now, chipped paint, stuck-on green mildew, and faded colors earn snarky neighborhood whispers instead.

It’s time to transform your home from the outside in.

Choose a neutral eggshell paint — like a calm yellow, taupe, or faint green — and:

  1. Power wash the entire exterior from top to bottom.
  2. Fill in any window or door gaps with caulk.
  3. Tape up any light fixtures, doors, or shutters that should be paint-free.
  4. Use your nifty paint sprayer to apply 1-2 fresh coats.

Power washing and scrubbing included, this entire project should take three to four days. And that elbow grease will almost certainly pay off at the bank, adding $2,176 to your home’s resale value and lasting another seven to ten years.

If you’re on a painting binge, why not add a fresh coat to your home’s interior too?

Create a Backyard Oasis

What’s the sense in mowing the lawn every one or two weeks if nobody sets foot in the yard except to cut the grass? Set aside an early spring weekend and lend some TLC to your bare yard. Turn it into the relaxing summer retreat you’ve always wanted.

The opportunities are endless.

Arrange beautiful wicker furniture on your patio or deck. Hang thick-bulbed string lights aesthetically overhead. DIY a fire pit to enjoy those crisp summer nights into the early morning hours.

Or lean away from “social venue” and more toward “oasis.” Install a bubbling or flowing fountain, plant a vegetable garden, or paint a custom design on your fence

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Introduce New Storage Solutions

The easiest way to give your home a makeover is by uncovering the decor and furniture hidden beneath mounds of stuff. Crack open the windows, let the fresh spring breeze filter in, and commit the next week to declutter room by room!

Separate all smaller items (without a home) into three piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate (for items with some life left in them, that is)
  3. Trash

For anything, you can’t part with, but that doesn’t match your farmhouse or vintage theme, tuck away from view. Cubbies, under-couch (or bed) storage bins, and tall wicker baskets on your bookcase shelves are miracle workers.

It’s a tasteful way to create an inviting style without sending those precious family heirlooms to Goodwill.

Stylize Trims & Moldings

Trims and moldings shout “luxury” and “high-class,” but they aren’t just for the Hollywood elite! Installing crown molding or chair rails can transform a bland room into a posh one. All you need is a weekend and some $200 to $600 to spare.

The kitchen, living room, and dining room all make incredible trim candidates that your guests will marvel at. Or you can paint your current trims black, blue, or even green!

Install a Security System

Sometimes, the best home transformations are those that float quietly under the radar. A home security system — featuring exterior cameras, alarms, and high-tech key fobs — can keep the entire family safe.

Most installs take just a few hours. And convenience-wise, you’ll never tire of the extra features, like:

  • The smart thermostats
  • Keyless entry
  • Alexa-controlled devices
  • Detecting porch pirates before they claim their loot

The future is here and now. Join the 36 million other American homes sporting security systems.

Power Washing All Exterior Surfaces

A weekend power washing project can revive your home’s dirty, gunky, or run-down exterior and leave it looking like a new building. All that using nothing more than good old H2O (and a little detergent, depending on how set in that grime is!).

Hook your pressure wash machine up to the hose, position the wand some 45 degrees and 12 inches from the dirty surface, and watch the grime disappear.

Don’t forget about the:

  1. Shed
  2. Driveway
  3. Patio and deck
  4. House siding
  5. Garage

Warning: Power washing is unusually satisfying and possibly addicting.

Switch Up the Grout Color

Replacing your kitchen backsplash or retiling the outdated bathroom floor costs a pretty penny.

But getting rid of those harsh black grout lines — or making them pop even more — can reinvent a room in one weekend (and for less than $50).

All you need is grout colorant, some painter’s tape, and a steady hand!

Stain it dark if you’re craving a timeless style that works extraordinarily well with white subway tiles. Or go pure white if you’re eyeing more crisp, clean linework


That weed-filled backyard, stained kitchen grout, and cluttered living room aren’t going to fix themselves! But before you plan your next seven-day home transformation, brainstorm first.

Research …

  • How much the full project will cost
  • Whether you need to hire professional contractors
  • What supplies you need
  • How long the project will last (& how to work your life around it)

Then, fill the gas tank, take off on that long-awaited Home Depot adventure, and watch your dream home fall into place! A brand new abode is just a week away.

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Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Grove at Ames to help them with their online marketing.

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