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Remaking Your Living Room

When it comes to home improvements, some rooms take all the glory. The kitchen is a big deal, of course, with renovation teams and DIY buffs tearing out old appliances and installing sleek new ones, decking out backsplashes with tile, and replacing all the cabinets.

Bathrooms get a lot of attention, too. Even the outdoor space gets its share. There are new decks, pool installations, and landscaping improvements to consider.

But there’s one particularly wonderful room in your house that you ought to pay more attention to in The living room.

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Remaking Your Living Room

Whether you call it a living room, a family room, a den, or something else, this is the room that is supposed to bring you the most joy.

It’s not a place for work or chores; it’s a place for relaxing, reading, watching TV, and chatting with loved ones. So shouldn’t it be perfect?

Take our advice, and take a break from your latest kitchen or bathroom overhaul. Take a moment and work on your living room instead. Here’s how to make it that much better.

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Material Concerns

This is the simplest secret in interior decorating: Mixing different materials is the fast track to more interesting spaces.

Most of us know that a few smart color choices can make a big difference in interior design, but don’t forget about textures.

In-person, the texture of materials in home spaces really pop — it’s almost as though you can feel the sleek metal, rugged canvas, soft leather, or warm fur of your furniture, throw pillows, and blankets.

Choose a few different textures to mix and match, and make sure that your room feels as good as it looks. If you use leather on your sofa, consider mirroring that leather in other pieces of furniture.

Rustic looks can benefit from natural materials like wood and rugged textures like canvas.

Consider your fabric options just as carefully as you consider your colors, and don’t forget that glass-fronted frames are not your only wall hanging options!

Deck the Walls

Speaking of wall-hanging art, another key to home decor is nailing the wall art.

We’ve already learned one thing about this: Texture matters! A work of art is about more than just the color, size, and shape.

Hanging fabrics can soften up a room, while glossy prints can make it feel sleeker.

Canvas photo prints and other canvas materials can offer a little bit of both worlds: Canvas art “pops” thanks to the width of the canvases, but it also offers clean lines.

You should also look for other ways to customize your space. A family photo can be a great wall hanging.

In fact, you can get quality canvas prints of photos for quite a low price these days, so your coupon-cutters may want to consider that.

Using your own photo and turning it into a high-quality piece of art worthy of hanging on your wall is a great way to improve your wall decor.

Of course, affordable canvas prints are just one option. Consider all the different ways you can make your space better!

Investing in Furniture

Furniture is crucial in any room, and it’s particularly important in a room dedicated to relaxation.

High-quality materials and comfortable cushions are must-haves for your space. What’s the best way to get these things?

Getting great furniture means focusing on quality and buying pieces carefully (often one at a time) rather than just heading to the furniture shop and buying a bunch of pieces at once.

Depending on what numbers you’re ready to see ring up at checkout, you might be able to buy your sectional sofa, coffee table, and end table all at once.

But it’s still a great idea to invest in really high-quality pieces one at a time.

Dedicate a whole shopping effort to finding the perfect sofa in a sectional style, and choose a sectional that you’ll keep for life.

A custom sofa that fits your space may make more sense than one of a standard size, and you may want to invest in bells and whistles like performance fabric.

Get the right piece, and you’ll have a lifelong custom sectional sofa that you’ll care for, clean, and reupholster instead of replacing.

Then, a year or two later, you can add the loveseat or the sleeper sofa or whatever else is on your list. Over time, you’ll collect the right furniture for each spot.

Arrangements Can Be Made

There’s one last step to give your space the right interior design and personal touch: You need to arrange everything!

You’ve got the best quality canvas print you could get your hands on, so make sure that you hang it at the right height.

You have a great sectional-style sofa, so put it in the right spot.

Learn the best way to arrange furniture, and master the art of encouraging foot traffic and conversation (dead ends are your furniture-arrangement enemy) and creating “zones.” You’ll enjoy a better living room when you do.

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