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How to Use Mirrors to Create a Beautiful Space at Home or Work

Mirrors are truly the unsung hero of home décor. These practical pieces are the perfect solution for making space feel brighter and more open. They are the ideal option for darker or smaller spaces that could benefit from more windows, and they come in every conceivable shape, size and finish to match any décor.

image - How to Use Mirrors to Create a Beautiful Space at Home or Work
How to Use Mirrors to Create a Beautiful Space at Home or Work

If you want your space to feel bigger and brighter (and who doesn’t?) mirrors are going to be your new best friend. As with any home décor trend, it’s important to utilize them in a way that complements your space and your style.

Here are six ways you can incorporate mirrors into your home’s style:

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  1. Use Them to Add the Appearance of a Window

If your space is lacking in windows, you can use large mirrors to give the impression of a window in the space. Because they reflect light and draw movement into the room, you can use two large mirrors against a back wall to simulate having windows in the space. You can also use one massive, ornately framed mirror to serve the same purpose.

  1. Geometric Showstopper

If your room doesn’t have a visual anchor to draw the eye and you don’t have an architectural detail to accentuate, then a mirror can play the part. Don’t feel confined to choosing a mirror that is round or square when there are so many other choices.

Large geometric mirrors with gold or silver frames will draw the eye and add a unique flair to your space. If you can’t find the ideal mirror, you can get help from Capitol Glass to make a custom mirror.

  1. As part of a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a popular way to showcase similar pieces of art and are an ideal way to decorate your space. However, the balance of a gallery wall can be off or can seem overwhelming if not executed correctly.

If you have lots of pieces you want to hang, your best bet is to frame them all in similar sized frames and hang an equal amount of either side. Then, in the middle hang a large, rectangular mirror to balance the gallery wall so that it doesn’t look cluttered.

  1. Create a Hall of Mirrors

Narrow hallways can feel claustrophobic, which is why most people don’t decorate them. However, you can line a hallway with a series of different mirrors to add visual interest and décor to space. The mirrors will also help the hallway feel bigger and more accessible.

  1. A Mirror Wall In the Bathroom

Hear us out on this one! The recent trend towards free-standing tubs has made us review how we feel about mirror walls in the bathroom.

Placing a mirror wall behind a free-standing bathtub will not only make your tub stand out, but it will also make space appear larger and you’ll love the effects it will have when you have candles flickering around the tub.

  1. Mirror the Bar Cart

We love that the bar cart is coming back in style. These retro throwbacks are such a classy way to display your liquor collection that we think they should be showcased even further with a mirror.

Mount a retro, gold-trimmed mirror behind the cart that will reflect the bottles and make your bar cart into a show-stopping piece.

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