Having a good looking home is something many people want, but most of them don’t know where to even start. The good thing is you can improve how the interior of your home looks without having to spend a lot of money or hiring an expert.

When it comes to interior designer, the smallest things can make the greatest impact. Employing a little creativity will help you have a great looking interior without having to invest a lot of time and money.

Clever Interior Design Tricks

Clever Interior Design Tricks

Clever Interior Design Tricks

There are some clever interior design tricks you can use when it comes to interior design. Use these clever interior design tricks and you will get great results.

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Painting the Smaller Rooms in Softer and Lighter Colours

Doing this will help make the room feel larger. Softer and lighter colours tend to be brighter and reflects light more, and this makes it feel larger than it is.

Using darker colours will make the room feel smaller because it has a boxed-in feeling to it, even if the room has natural lighting.

Using Mirrors to Add Light

The use of decorative mirrors will help in adding light to the living space. Mirrors are effective when it comes to making a small space feel larger. If it is a large room with a limited amount of light, adding mirrors can help in adding instant light.

You can also place decorative mirrors on empty wall spaces. The use of mirrors is a good idea, whether the room is small or large.

Mixing it Up

There are some people who are very cautious when it comes to mixing up things because they fear it might not match. Mixing up pattern and textures, expensive and inexpensive, old and new, can do wonders for the interior.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when decorating your interior is that it is a reflection of who you are, your style, and personality. The old desk you got from your grandpa tells a story.


Slipcovers have gotten a bad rap, but they can add a lot to the interior. You can use them to change the look of your furniture so as to reflect the season. They can be easily removed, and this means you don’t have to worry about spilling and dirt on your furniture.

Slipcovers are even more important when you have children and pets. Give them a try and see how they affect the look of the room.

Use What You Have

When it comes to matters of decoration, you should always use what you have. There is a good chance you have items that you have packed and have used them just once. You will need accessories to get the best look.

Instead of going to the store and spending a lot of money, see what you have first. What you are going to need is a little creativity.


Adding plants to the living space is a good idea. Try adding them to every room of the house, whether large or small. Plants are not expensive, and they will add colour and texture to the room.

Plants will also help in cleaning the air inside and balancing humidity. Plants absorb pollutants and will remove the harmful gases from the air. They are a must.

Using Rugs to Soften Hardwood Floors

Using throw rugs will give your interior warmth and also add texture, personality, and colour to your space. Hardwood looks great and easy to maintain, but they don’t have the comfort that carpets offer, especially when it is cold.

Using area rugs will help in adding fun and functionality to your space. You can use different fabrics and patterns so as to showcase your character. You can also change them depending on the season.

Use the above clever interior design tricks and you should see some difference.