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5 Important Options and Market Insights for Home Lock Replacement

When you’re looking to increase the security of your home, you have more options than you might realize. Rather than risk a costly wrong decision, take some time to consider the following possibilities. You might just find solutions you didn’t know existed.

5 Important Options and Market Insights for Home Lock Replacement
Home Lock Replacement

5 Important Options and Market Insights for Home Lock Replacement

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You Can Choose to Replace Your Lock

People who aren’t familiar with security options often immediately assume a lock needs to replaced. The process of replacing a lock involves uninstalling the old lock body and putting a new lockset in its place.

This can be an expensive option, but it has several benefits. You’ll be able to customize the new lock to your liking, and it might be overall more secure than the alternative.

Or You Can Choose to Rekey Your Lock

Many homeowners don’t realize there even is an alternative to fully replacing a lock. Rekeying is a process in which parts of an existing lock system are changed to boost security.

Rekeying involves removing the lock from the door to access the lock’s cylinder. In the cylinder, you’ll find key pins, which are set at different lengths. These pins can be adjusted so that your current key will no longer work.

This option is handy if you want to secure the house from someone who might already have a copy of the key. Think of it as changing your computer password to keep out someone who knows it.

Since the process simply involves working with an existing lock cylinder rather than purchasing a new lockset, rekeying is usually a cheaper option than replacing the lock altogether. It’s also a very quick process compared to replacement, so it’s the right option when you’re concerned about time. If you’ve lost your key to a fairly new and reliable lock, rekeying is the answer.

But if the existing lock is old or damaged, rekeying is probably not the path you should take. Relying on a potentially faulty lock could jeopardize your security in the long run, so just opt for a full replacement. Similarly, if your home suffered a break-in, it’s probably wise to replace the lock in case it was damaged.

You Can Choose Conventional Deadbolts

People who grew up in older homes are probably more accustomed to seeing traditional deadbolts on doors. These locks are cheaper than their “smart” cousins, and they can come with a host of convenient features. For example, you can find drill-proof deadbolts for extra security.

A model with a single cylinder has a keyhole on one side and a mechanism for your thumb to work the lock on the other side. These are standard in homes. A deadbolt with a double cylinder has keyholes on both sides. This is useful if the door has a window that a thief might break and then use the opening to reach for the thumb latch on the inside of the home.

However, the major downside to a double-cylinder lock is that you might find yourself trapped inside the house if there’s an emergency and you can’t find your key.

Or You Can Choose a Smart Lock

Smart locks are high-tech security devices that come loaded with convenient features, including voice control and remote control. Some even keep a log of when the door is unlocked. Overall, smart locks give you more control, especially if you have an existing automation system set up, and you won’t have to concern yourself with keeping track of your keys.

As you might expect from newer technology, these are more expensive than traditional deadbolts. Another problem that comes with high-tech solutions is compatibility. You’ll need to make sure your smart lock works with your existing system or mobile device. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying additional costs. These locks are also reliant on either live current or battery power, so the loss of power can be a major pitfall.

You Can Choose Professional Help

A DIY installation is always an option for the ambitious homeowner. For example, you’ll find no shortage of guides on rekeying and replacing locks. But when it comes to something as important as your home security measures, it’s not always wise to take risks.

Relying on professional locksmiths like American Security Locksmith can save you some frustration and leave you with peace of mind once the job is done. A professional can also help you narrow down your options in terms of lock selection.

Is a lock replacement really necessary? Or will a rekeying job do the trick? Is a smart lock more trouble than it’s worth? Security experts can take a look at your specific situation and give you an honest assessment.

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