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7 Ideas to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to make a small bedroom look bigger? — One of the most common bedroom decorating issues is that you don’t have enough space. The bedroom is one place in the entire house that suffers from this more than any other room because of the one large element that dominates it, the bed.

7 Ideas to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger
7 Ideas to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger

7 Ideas on How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

Nobody wants to sacrifice their want for space and their sense of style. After all, your bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time in. It is where you are your most comfortable and is filled with sentimental aspects of your daily life. Many people just remodel so that they can have more square foot space.

Well, what you must consider are tips and tricks that can make your small bedroom look bigger than it is.

  1. Use Furniture that has Legs

You can create an open and airy feel if you place furniture with legs in your room. You do not have to necessarily have legs on every piece but you should definitely consider them on the larger pieces of furniture in the room. It could be your dresser, bed, or nightstand.

A good idea would be to take inspiration from the decorating style of modern mid-century furniture which is always perfect for small spaces. The style usually has pieces elevated on thin legs. The idea is to show more floor and walls, and that creates the illusion of a larger and airy room.

  1. Be Smart When Saving Space

You do not necessarily have to go with an optical illusion or just the appearance of a large room. The truth is that the less furniture you place in your room the larger it will be. However, there is no point to a bigger bedroom if most things that you need are not in your room.

You can always be smart about the way you place things in your room. For example, you can opt for beds that have storage space underneath them where you can keep your clothes. You can also get creative with other things in your room like using folding chairs and folding desks which you can store away in a corner when you don’t need them.

There are other things you can do to reduce furniture space. A smart way to analyze it is to see what pieces you need and those that you do not. Nobody needs two bedside tables, therefore, get rid of one. You can use a multipurpose desk. The top part can have space for your laptop while a slider desktop can give you ample space for writing and other crafts should you need it.

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  1. The Walls and the Windows

While a lot of large bedrooms make great use of blinds or drapes which blend in nicely with the color on the wall, you might want to match the two tones. With the same color treatment, the onlooker’s eyes will keep moving around the space, making the room seem less claustrophobic.

If you think it is too monotone, you can always add a bit of an interesting element by designation one wall with a colorful wallpaper. That way the room won’t appear too small.

You must do the same with other items in your room. For example, you can group colors with the pillows and bed sheets to those on your desk or dresser. This generates coherence which is always a good thing in a small room.

  1. Use Mirrors

You might have a ‘boring’ door or a wall, add mirrors to these spaces. This serves two purposes, not only does it reflect light to make the room look brighter and less crowded, it also adds the illusion of depth by eliminating the appearance of a wall. Play around with the mirror angles to get it right. A great idea is to place the mirror near the windows. Remember, change in lighting adds a new flavor to your living space.

  1. Stick to the Simple Magic of De-cluttering

De-cluttering should be an important part of your moving into a new house checklist. A bedroom with less mess gives a better perception of space. An airy room is always more welcoming than one with lots of things stashed in it. You should start by getting rid of unnecessary pieces of furniture.

Also, stand back and judge which items contribute to a certain personality of the room and which do not. All your clothes should be in a closet, pens, and pencils in a jar and all your books on a shelf. If you have a sofa in your room, replace it with a bean bag or a classy looking ottoman.

Not only will this make your bedroom look spacious it will also make it visually nice. Remember apart from all these things, the focal points of your bedroom are your bed, your side table, and your dressing table.

  1. Shelves around the Bed

A great small bedroom design idea is to install shelves around the bed. The shelves serve as a bedside table and save you a ton of space. Another cool idea is that if you get the bed recessed, you can create the impression of depth in the wall which makes the room appear much bigger than it is.

  1. Choosing the Color

Dark colors may look nice and help you go to bed relaxed but they do little in adding space to any room. There are hues that convince you for being design friendly but they definitely are not fulfilling the objective of a spacious room. You should not make the mistake of overdoing things, start by testing out pastel shades with light and minimalist décor aspects.

Stripes can also do wonders by elongating the height of the room. A neat idea would be to get pastel color striped wallpaper to make the ceiling look farther up than it is. Similarly, if you feel that your room is too boxed in, you can apply the stripes horizontally. Also, make sure these are wide contrasting stripes.

At the end of the day, it is very important that you like the design. You should always try the patterns and colors before you permanently choose them for your room.

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