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Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Stunning Makeover

The bedroom is a reflection of you in a room. It is the one place that represents you and gives a cosiness that no other area of your own house does. So, if you are thinking of giving the bedroom a makeover or are still contemplating then this article is for you.

Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Stunning Makeover
Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Stunning Makeover

Simple Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Stunning Makeover

We have a list of cool and simple ideas that can change the current look of this room make it stylish and sassy.

  • Head For The Headboard

A bed is the biggest focal point of the room so showing it off with a stylish headboard will give your room a decorated look. Apart from the appearance, it also comforts the head and back when reading or using your phone or laptop on the bed.

Another advantage is saving your walls from any kind of grease or sweat stains that might result when the head comes in contact with its surface. So, from the variety of styles available, choose the one that works with your present décor, or just go for a bold colour or a printed one, to give the bedroom an instant modern look.

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  • Fun with Furniture

A simple way to give your bedroom a makeover is by reorganizing the existing furniture. This simple and inexpensive way of rearranging the seating area or dressing table can give your room a new look. However, if you have a space constraint, then just move few decoration pieces or photographs to a different position to restyle the room.

  • Frame The Memories

Your bedroom is your personal space so, give it the ‘you’ touch by displaying your personal photographs. Go through the collection of all your pictures and come up with a theme that can define that empty wall. It can be your travel or growing-up photographs or any special memory that expresses you. Just buy trendy looking photo frames and decorative picture hooks and pin your style on the wall.

  • Lay the Rug

A properly sized area rug under the bed can give a warm and welcoming feel to a room. Thus, be careful when selecting the size of the carpet. It should be large enough to fit under the bed and another piece of furniture. This gives symmetry to the room and also makes it seem bigger, so choose carefully. Also, getting a brighter coloured rug can add a dash of missing colour to the room and make it look vibrant.

  • Light It Up

A bedroom doesn’t need too many overhead lights. But, what it needs is bedside lamps that are chic and has enough lighting to not strain the eyes while reading or watching television. Also, the light bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent can add to the freshness and liveliness of your bedroom. This upgrade enhances the aesthetics of the bedroom so, give the room a stylish feel with the right choice of lights.

  • Handle With Care

If you are bored with seeing the same furniture in your bedroom and can’t or don’t want to buy a new one then we have a solution for you. Change the knobs and pulls of the drawers and cupboards and replace them with the trending styles.

For this, all you have to do is go to a home improvement store and look for the varieties that would go with your room and follow the DIY instructions. To add to this, you can also change the polish of the wood furniture to give your bedroom a complete transformation.

When making these changes it becomes important to keep the old pieces of handlebars and knobs in a proper place. So, don’t shy from buying extra storage space from modern storage space providers like Adams SelfStore and keep your belongings safe till you need them again.

  • Brighten the Bed

One of the easiest way of giving your bedroom a new look is by buying a new bedding. A bed with soft and comfortable bedsheets, quilts or duvet covers not look uplifts the look of the room but also helps you get a good night sleep.

So buy trendy bed linens and change the appearance of your bedroom from modern to classic and primary to pastel almost every week. It’s enticing to buy the matching option of ‘bed in a bag’ but we say, avoid it and pick the style that matches your personality.

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  • Dress the Dressing Table

Your dressing table already has a lot on it. From the collection of perfumes to your daily moisturisers, it stores all your daily essentials in a plain jane way. So, time to draw attention to this furniture of your bedroom by adding a statement piece on top of it and making the ordinary-looking dresser and making it alive. You can also have a decorative show-piece or a framed photograph over it and make this one of the statement furniture of your bedroom.

  • ‘Wow’ The Windows

Another simple way of adding the ‘wow’ factor to your room is by decorating the windows. To give a simple modification to your room, just change the curtain and replace them with subtle floral patterns or solid-print that goes with the overall feel of your bedroom’s décor.

Opt for sheer curtains during the summer to give the room a light and airy feel and heavier curtains like velvet to keep you warm during the winter months. But before draping or adding blinds to your windows, do not forget to do a thorough cleaning of your windows.

  • Clear The Clutter

There is nothing more turning-off than a dirty bedroom. If you don’t keep your room tidy no makeover you do will last long and your room will end up looking the same. Thus, do a comprehensive cleaning and dump everything you don’t need. Also, keep everything, from the remote to your chargers to the pillows in the right place. Making this simple yet crucial change will make people notice the makeover that of your room.

We summarize by saying that a makeover doesn’t need huge money, just a tweak here and there. Simple things like keeping your room clean, rearranging the furniture and spending on things like linens, lights etc. that will last long, is enough to give a new look to your bedroom. So try our cool and simple ideas to give your bedroom a makeover.

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