Featured of 7 Ways to Make Your Master Bedroom a Luxurious Oasis

7 Ways to Make Your Master Bedroom a Luxurious Oasis

Transforming your master bedroom into an oasis of luxury and bliss doesn’t have to be a challenge. Simplify your interior decorating endeavors for a stunning master bedroom with these creative design ideas and decorating hacks.

7 Ways to Make Your Master Bedroom a Luxurious Oasis

How to Make Your Master Bedroom a Luxurious Oasis

7 Ways to Make Your Master Bedroom a Luxurious Oasis

  1. Delight All Your Senses

Luxury isn’t only about the look of a room, though that’s certainly part of it. If you’re creating your own, personal oasis of luxury, you must bring all your senses into the picture.

  • Sight:

Create a room that is visually appealing and generates feelings of calm and comfort. Warm or serene-type colors can transform your bedroom into a peaceful, tranquil hideaway.

  • Sound:

Consider adding a fountain or indoor wind chimes to create soothing sounds in your bedroom to recreate the soothing sounds you hear at your favorite day spa.

  • Taste:

Incorporate a drink station in your bedroom and keep it stocked with soothing teas, such as chamomile teas, along with other favorite drinks.

  • Smell:

Use natural fragrances to enhance calmness and serenity and to promote sleep. Excellent choices include lavender, jasmine, and lemon verbena. Plants are a great option, but you may elect to use essential oils instead. Avoid chemical-laden products and artificial air fresheners when possible, though.

  • Touch:

Choose rich and plush fabrics for bedding, flooring, etc. that feel opulent to the touch to propel the feeling of opulence throughout your master bedroom.

By appealing to all your senses with luxury touches, you create a space that is ideally suited to your personal sense of style and sumptuousness.

  1. Upgrade Your Mattress

Many people embarking on a home improvement project, like creating a luxurious master bedroom, must operate on a budget. A brand new natural latex mattress from Latex For Less might be heavenly.

Or, try a latex mattress topper, which allows you to enjoy the extravagant comfort and support latex mattresses are famous for, without paying the full price you’d expect to pay for a new mattress.

Why choose a latex mattress topper?

  • Provides superior pressure relief, making latex toppers an ideal choice for side sleepers.
  • Isolates motion, so your partner’s movements throughout the night never need to disturb you again.
  • Delivers exceptional ventilation, so you remain cool and dry throughout the night.
  • Offers ideal support, to eliminate the sinking feeling common with memory foam mattress toppers and reinvigorating mattresses that may be past their primes.
  • Adds depth to your mattress, lending a more luxurious atmosphere to your entire master bedroom.

As you can see, a new latex mattress topper can make a world of difference in the comfort and quality of your sleep without the cost of a brand new latex mattress. If you’re new to latex mattresses, adding a topper could be a good first step to introduce you to the opulent comfort this type of bedding offers.

  1. Indulge in Luxe Bed Linens

If you’re going to splurge in the bedroom, your linens are one place to do the splurging. Luxe linens can make slipping into bed at the end of a long day feel like the perfect reward for all your time, attention, care, and dedication.

Invest in top quality, high-thread-count bed sheets and consider adding several layers with pillows, blankets, coverlets, etc. in a variety of fabrics for even greater enjoyment.

Besides, few things say opulence better than rich fabrics in your bedroom, like

  • Egyptian cotton
  • Silk
  • Modal

Organic fabrics might also provide your bedroom with the feel you’re going for. In addition, consider adding a sheer, canopy draping to your bed, for the ultimate, romantic look.

  1. Create Dramatic Lighting in the Bedroom

One large and dramatic lighting feature in the bedroom can add that sense of opulence that makes your bedroom the epitome of luxe living. Consider a dramatic lighting feature at the center of the room, but one that offers a dimmer switch so the light can be adjusted according to your needs. Keep the hardware in soft tones, like warm, weathered bronze or rose golds.

Then add zoned lighting features throughout the room for added light and to generate atmosphere. Ambient lighting is fabulous in the bedroom, but you can also create areas where you need bright task lighting too.

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  1. Soothe Your Soul with Tranquil and Serene Colors

Remember, your goal is to transform your master bedroom into a luxurious oasis — and tranquility is a perfect goal. You certainly want a wall, curtain, and flooring colors that promote relaxation and sleep to permeate your master bedroom.

These soothing colors fill the bill nicely:

  • Soft Gray
  • Robin’s Egg Blue
  • Taupe
  • Mid-tone Gray
  • Rich Charcoal
  • Slate Blue

Soothing shades of green, such as White Sage by PPG Pittsburgh Paints or Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore, are also quite soothing in the bedroom.

  1. Clear Out Clutter

Most people going for a luxurious master bedroom aren’t prone to have a messy room, but there is such a thing as visual clutter. It’s acceptable to have one or two items that draw the eye, but you don’t want the room to become a distraction from relaxation or sleep by having too many visual distractions located throughout the room.

Keep artwork and furniture to a minimum. You may even want to consider painting shelves and such the same color as your walls, so they blend into the walls rather than standing out.

Consider moving dressers and other furnishings to the closet and create very specific zones in the bedroom for things like a sitting or dressing area that do not interfere with your primary sleeping area for the ultimate in luxurious comfort. If you want a vanity in your bedroom, consider one with drawers where you could hide all of your products from sight.

  1. Establish a Small Sitting Area and Beverage Bar

This is about creating a comfortable retreat for things like reading, relaxing, and enjoying a lazy Sunday morning. You may want to include coffee for morning drinks but try to nix caffeinated beverages whenever possible by opting for decaf teas, bottled water, and other similar beverages. Keep the décor in this area sedate and try to blend in with the overall décor of the room.

It’s a simple matter, with these DIY design and decorating tips, to transform your master bedroom into an oasis of luxury you’re sure to enjoy for many years to come. Try them out today to see what a difference they make in the luxuriousness of your master bedroom.

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