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Roofing and Siding: Should I Replace Both at The Same Time?

Do you own a slightly older home? Is the maintenance of your house putting a dent in your pockets? When the house ages, it tends to wear down a lot.

As a result, you might have to replace both the roofs and the siding, as they protect the house from harsh weather conditions.

image - Roofing and Siding: Should I Replace Both at The Same Time?
Roofing and Siding: Should I Replace Both at The Same Time?

If you go with roof replacement alone, you spend more money and time. You will have to pay an equivalent time and effort into replacing the siding.

It will help if you are also considering hiring the contractors, researching them, and then getting the work done.

To save a whole load of time and ensure your costs don’t double up, you should ideally replace both roof and siding simultaneously.

After all, both works as protective layers for your house, and it would help if you took care of it.

There Are Obvious Benefits Associated with Taking Care of Both Roofing and Siding.


As we discussed earlier, if you were to cater to both at different times, you are spending double the amount of money.

When hiring the contractor for both services at the same time, you end up saving money for three separate reasons:

  1. If the contractor is going to perform two different tasks, they can offer a substantial discount, which will help save money
  2. You won’t have to pay separate contractor service cost or even the hiring cost to the agency
  3. When scheduling both jobs at different times, you need to be present at your home both times. This means staying away from your own work, which may cost you the day’s pay. You won’t have to do that if you hire the same contractor and get both jobs done on the same day.

If you think of it that way, replacing both the siding and roofing at the same time proves to be a good investment, as it saves a dent into your pockets.

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Protect the House

The roof, as well as the siding, protect your house from damages caused by harsh weather. However, if you notice that both the siding and the roof are damaged, your protective layer is damaged.

Apart from the weather, your house can face damages due to trees falling over. Natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes can also damage the layers.

Broken shingles and the failing roof can cause potential danger to both the owners and the passers-by.

If you have insurance, hire the right contractor, and get both jobs done simultaneously. This way, you will ensure that you don’t have to double the investment.

At the same time, whatever amount you are spending is covered by insurance. It can be a great saviour.

Make sure to get the damages repaired at the earliest so that your house stays protected for a longer time.

Improves House Aesthetics

If you plan to sell your house, you need to improve the aesthetics and overall appearance. Roofing and siding play an essential role in ensuring that the house looks good to the potential buyer or realtor.

The contractor can suggest which roof and siding material can increase the house’s overall value. So, ensure a contractor who can help comprehend how to improve the house’s look and appeal.

Questions to Ask the Contractor

When hiring a contractor, there are a few basic questions that you should ask. It will help get the right person on-board for the work

How Long Will It Take to Replace Both Roofing and Siding?

The primary question before proceeding with replacing both parts is to know the timeline of the work. You cannot let work go on for an indefinite period. As a result, you should ask them to let you know an approximate period.

The whole aspect depends on the jobs to be done and how bad the roofing and siding condition is.

What Is the Approximate Cost of Replacement?

The next thing you want to know is the overall replacement costs. Despite having insurance and knowing that both things need to be done, you need to provide the estimates from a certified contractor to claim the insurance. Get an approximate quote from the contractors.

If you feel the need, ask for multiple quotes from several contractors to help you with the costing. The lowest may be cutting corners while the highest may be overcharging.

Offer the services to the person who offers the best selection to you in terms of workmanship and price.

What Will You Assess Before Proceeding with the Quote?

As an owner, you need to know what aspects will be evaluated before the contractor offers a final quote for the roofing and siding replacement.

  1. The house’s age is a determinant of whether you need to get the roofing replaced or not.
  2. How badly the roof and siding are damaged at the moment? This will answer the exact condition of both parts and help identify the timeline and the cost
  3. A checklist of all the missing elements within the house. It will help know what needs to be replaced, what needs to be removed, and what items are to be added.
  4. The materials required for the roofing and siding, which will benefit the house for a longer time
  5. Will the replacement increase the overall value of the house? This is an essential consideration if you are planning to sell your home eventually.

Will It Help with Increasing Energy Efficiency?

This is an essential consideration in the current times. You want to make the roofing and siding as energy-efficient as possible.

Ask the contractor if the existing materials are suitable for insulation or not. If the replacement will require you to rethink the material and what possible materials can improve energy efficiency.

Hiring the Contractor

Let’s take you through the factors that can help you get the apt roofing and siding contractors on board.

1.  Research

There is no substitute for good research. If you want to know if there are any excellent contractors in your vicinity, you must search for them.

You can log on to the internet or identify other means of tracking. Recommendations also work fine for this case. However, you need to make sure you have a good list of people who can work with you.

2. Shortlist & Identify

Go through the list and find out the ones that genuinely solve your issues. If you have significant problems in your area, and the contractor understands them, they are worth connecting.

Looking through their portfolio will give you an idea of how they work. It will also help know whether they have relevant experience.

Wrapping Up

Roofing and siding are essential structures of your house that are more than an aesthetic addition. In a situation where you are torn between a broken roof and damaged siding, it is wiser to opt for both before either condition worsens.