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Top 8 Roommate Finder Portals to Find a Roommate 2020

Roommates are the strangers you share your home with, and over time they become an essential part of your life. Just Joey and Chandler from the popular TV series Friends, roommates have each other’s back and are like a family away from home.

image - Find your perfect roommate with an ideal roommate finder.
Find your perfect roommate with an ideal roommate finder.

Finding roommates is as challenging as finding the perfect room for rent. A minor misjudgment may cause significant personal dissension.

An ideal roommate finder not only shows listings but also makes sure that you get the perfect roommate. We sorted out the best roommate finders for you.

 Here are the Top 8 Roommate Finder Portals to Find a Roommate 2020:

  • Craiglist
  • Cirtru
  • Facebook
  • Spareroom
  • Roomies
  • Roomster
  • RoomieMatch
  • Diggz

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Craigslist is an American classified advertisements website with diverse segments devoted to jobs, housing, items wanted, gigs, résumés, discussion forums, to name a few.

A basic classification that would help you connect with the people looking for roommates. However, it does not filter spam or bots.


Cirtru – Circles of Trust is a perfect roommate finder online as it provides genuine listings of rooms within a 6-mile and a 10-mile radius of the location you search for to show all the options you have on your plate.

The user’s details are verified, and the data of the users stay safe. The listings are detailed and help the roommate seeker provide all the necessary information, including the amenities such as pet friendliness, security, to name a few.

The users can explore the various features with proper verification, free of charge, using this roommate finder portal. You can even explore the premium features of Cirtru as a roommate finder at a very nominal fee.

image - Find roommates you trust using a roommate finder portal.
Find roommates you trust using a roommate finder portal.


Update a status online and tag your friends who live in the city where you want a roommate. Old is gold, and Facebook will never never let you down.

You may even make use of various relevant Facebook groups to look for a roommate. Facebook listings can get you instant results or no results at all.


SpareRoom shows personalized listings with a variety of filters. You can look up rooms based on pet friendliness, smoking preferences, and even the stay duration.

The platform is LGBTQ-friendly, and roommate seekers can choose whether they are comfortable sharing their home with them. We are no one judge.


Roomies show up listings of room seekers’ profiles and are an inclusive community where people can add their rooms or put their profile up as room seekers.

Anyone looking for a roommate can ask their potential roommate to update their profile and get verification completed. The basic profiles have verified phone numbers, though roomies provide paid verification as well.


A global platform to look up rooms and to connect with potential roommates. Roomster operates in the USA, UK, and Asia. The Roomster application makes the process easy for smartphone users.

The user can log in using their social media accounts; this helps in a better scan of the person and eases your decision-making of whether the person is a potential roommate or not.

image - Find verified profiles at roommate finders.
Find verified profiles at roommate finders.


RoomieMatch shows a variety of room listings but keeps the user profile private. You may not know what your roommate is like, as you can’t see their profile.

These profiles are sorted out by humans to get rid of spam or bot. They present only human-moderated listings.

The reviewers also rule out any real person with bad intentions and also run an IP Address Actual Location Analysis on the user’s computers so they can share the actual cities in which you can find your next roommate.


It is a smaller platform that only operates in a few cities in the USA. It is more about quality over quantity. The users can search for suitable rooms based on various criteria, including smoking habits, drug use, eating habits, profession, and many more.

It is best to look for a roommate with similar habits. An artificial intelligence-based system prevents spam and bots from entering the platforms. You can communicate on the platform as far as you don’t wish to give out contact details.

The perfect roommate finder is subjective to define. Always remember to take necessary safety measures and stay on alert. The sites may have verified profiles but bots and spam are a real threat.

Here are a few tips and safety measures you may keep in mind while looking up rooms or using a roommate finder.

  • Never pay online to anyone whom you haven’t met in person
  • If the deal sounds too good to be true, stay on high alert
  • Check-in with a friend before and after you visit the site
  • It is okay to take a friend along while going to see a room
  • Remove/ delete your profile if you don’t feel safe on the platform
  • Never share personal details online unless you are 100% sure
  • Never seal the deal on an unseen site. Always visit the place in person before moving ahead with the agreement
  • Give yourself time- the online settings take time to adjust, and you don’t get the perfect place on the first try

We hope you find the perfect roommate with the roommate finder of your choice. Happy exploring!

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