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5 Ways to Find Short Term Apartment Rentals in Your Area

There are a lot of reasons why you might need an apartment for a few weeks or a few months. If you are only going to be an area for a short period of time then you do not want to have to sign a lease to rent an apartment for a year or more.

image - 5 Ways to Find Short Term Apartment Rentals in Your Area
5 Ways to Find Short Term Apartment Rentals in Your Area

Finding short term apartment rentals is a little more difficult than finding a contemporary apartment listing, but you can succeed if you apply the following search methods. You can also check out therightpropertygroup for better apartment rentals.

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1. Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to find short-term apartment rental. You likely have several hundred friends on your social media websites. You can create a post letting those friends know what you are looking for and let them help you find a place.

One of the best parts of using a social media connection to find a place to stay is you trust your friends and contacts. If space is recommended by someone you trust then you will feel more comfortable going to see it, or staying in it.

This form of looking is known as word of mouth searches. You can apply it to your social media, or you can ask friends, co-workers, and other people that you know and trust to make recommendations for you.

2. Realtors and Apartment Locators

Real estate brokers often have listings of clients who are temporarily out of their homes and want to sublet their homes or apartments while they are gone.

You may even find people who are traveling and willing to pay someone to live in their home and take care of their plants and property during their absence.

Contact several local real estate agencies and ask them if they have these types of listings.

Make appointments to see the properties, and be sure that you check with your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau office to establish whether the agency you are using has a good reputation or not. Some of the realtors have app-based apartment locator services which might be helpful as well.

3. Local Want Ads

At one time the want ad section of local newspapers was the only place to look for things like apartment rentals. The online listings are more popular now but there are still listings in local newspapers.

You can look on college campuses at the bulletin boards, and at the bulletin boards in local grocery stores. These bulletin boards often have rental opportunities listed.

4. Air B&B Listings Online

Air B&B is a great choice for people who need a short-term place to stay but want to stay in a homey environment rather than in a motel or hotel. These homes may be available nightly, weekly, or monthly.

They are generally completely furnished so all you need is your clothes, food, and personal items.

5. Online Sites like Trulia

One of the best sources to find short-term rental properties is through online real estate listing sites like Trulia, Sublet.com, Apartmentguide.com, and Apartments.com.

If you use one of these sites to locate a property you can feel confident that the property has been evaluated, and you are not in any danger.

When you are considering a short-term rental property, you might want to look for people who need a roommate.

You would not have the home completely to yourself but you would also not have a long-term lease, and you would be getting a place that is already furnished and ready for occupancy.

Always be safe when you are looking at rental properties. Never go to see a rental property alone.

You always want to have someone with you, and let someone who is not with you know where you are going, the name of the person you are meeting, and the contact information for that person.

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